Friday, July 6, 2012

Software Releases • Bobby riddles v.1.0.1

Bobby riddles v.1.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Colorful riddles for kids


Good news, everyone , Planemo team would like to present a new game !
Game "Bobby Riddles" - puzzles for kids.
Bobby is late on birthday to his friend Little Howcast. He knows that Little Howcast most loves balloons, and decides to give him a big bunch of colorful balloons to please his friend. But to take at least one ball Bobik need to guess the riddle. Help Bobik to collect as many balloons to make Little Howcast happy.
In the game for the kids, "Bobby Riddles," you will find exciting and developing puzzles for your child. The game also has an educational character, and teaches children to spell words. This is achieved through a system of recognition errors, and if the child makes a mistake, the game will correct it. The game has sound and picture hints that will not get bored and will help to choose the correct answer.

* The game teaches spelling
* All the puzzles in verse, which contributes to the development of creativity
* User-friendly interface
* Visual and audio hints
* Any puzzle can be solved by any number of times
* About 50 children of interesting puzzles
* Solve puzzles fully equipped with children
With the game in "Bobby Riddles" you can develop your kid with the childhood in a fun playful way. Planting childhood interest in solving interesting problems, you are doing a substantial pledge to the future of your child!

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