Sunday, July 8, 2012

Software Releases • People v1.3.1

People v1.3.1
Requirements: Android OS 1.5 and up
Overview: People is a free and revolutionary application to meet people by Bluetooth and around the world
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This is it! Meet real people in real space and real time!

12.000 downloads! 20 new members everyday! Now with Bluetooth Chat!

"Imagine all the People sharing all the world. One day we will no longer be strangers to one another."

People unleashes your phone powers and uses your Bluetooth to find and send messages to all people's devices detected nearby. Every People member found will be presented not only by their names but by their photos too. You can also take a look at their Facebook profiles. Only the basic information will be showned, of course, but you may leave there a personal message and invite them to be your friends. If this were not enough, you have the possibility to search for People worldwide. Your mobile phone will be the tool for you to become extremely well known.

People is the only application that can generate BTMS (Bluetooth Text Message Service), a text message with a photo included, wich you can send afterwards by Bluetooth to any mobile phone you detect.
Almost all mobile devices in the world don't need to be paired to exchange data by Bluetooth, such as Nokia phones. They only need to accept your messages. BTMS is to all the most compatible, effective and fastest message by Bluetooth, including to non People members and non Android devices. And it's all for free!

With People you don't need to worry about creating accounts, passwords, upload photo profile and that sort of things.
Just log in once to our Facebook plug-in, accept the authorization and People will do the rest. People even updates your photo when you change your Facebook photo profile.

You don't have the courage to talk to that girl at the bar you go every Saturday night? Don't worry. Log in to People and send her a message. You don't need her number! It's so easy! But if she doesn't reply to your messages, you have the chance to meet all the People online and offline of your city and around the world using the Google Maps embedded in the application. People gives you the luck to meet the guy/girl of your dreams. He/she might be right in front of you. Don't let your future loved one escape from your life.

Give stars to People. See who sent to you. Receive many stars and become popular. Get your name in the Top Ten People.

Note: This app doesn't track people and your privacy is always assured. It only shares your city location on the map but, if you like, at any time you can share your approximate location via network or your accurate location by GPS.

* You must have a Facebook account for now. *

** You need internet connection to see People in the map and their Facebook profiles. **

*** Close your People account before you uninstall this application. ***

**** If you don't want to receive any further People posts on your Facebook wall, please uninstall the People plugin from your Facebook account. ****

Supports English, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages

7 steps to get 100% success:
* Go to your mobile phone settings and change the Bluetooth name to your first and last name. To who you send BTMS, they will receive by this name.
* On your Facebook choose a profile photo with your face well recognized. Remember that other People may be looking for you.
* Start People and scan for bluetooth devices when you're among people. Also, check the map to see more People near your location.
* Keep discoverable mode always on for others be able to find you.
* Look for people using their mobile phones. See if they receive your messages.
* Don't forget to put your phone number on your BTMS. Non People members can't reply the same way you do.
* Spread these tips to the world and tell everyone to turn on their bluetooth and put in discoverable mode.

What's new in v1.3.1:

- Bluetooth search stopped working on some devices on last version. Fixed now.
- As bonus, People now has Bluetooth Chat (in beta stage for now).

Bluetooth Chat instructions:

1. Both devices must have this People version and Android OS 2.1 and up.
2. Put one on discovery mode and the other to search.
3. Select the People member found from the list and pair both devices.
4. Wait for the textbox to appear and start chatting! Simple, fast and free of charge. Have fun :)

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