Thursday, July 19, 2012

War of Reproduction Apk v2.2 (2.2) Download

Released Game NameWar of Reproduction 2.2 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.2 and up
Category Description:
 Brain & Puzzle
Game Overview: You might have studied the science concepts of Reproduction which includes of genes,sperms etc!!Now its time to apply those concepts thoroughly!!

War of Reproduction is basically a war of sperms that is going to amaze you on your Android phones. The concept is almost the same as of fertilization, where one sperm cell get fuses with a female cell. But the male cell should be stronger enough to make a long journey, thats what the game is about!!

Who will be the bravest of them all that will come out as the sole survivor out of 30 million competitors?
The basic instinct of sperm towards procreation begins!

* The characteristics of the game
1) Simple operation using touch and drag
2) It provides diverse strategic situations for each of the regions to add more depth to the game.
3) Also, because much effort was put into the balance and the difficulty levels of the game during its development, users will surely find it addictive.
4) You can upgrade the sperm using the broccolis you obtain while playing the game,
5) and you are bound to have fun eliminating estrogen (female hormone) that interferes with sperm production.


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