Thursday, August 30, 2012

Automatic Task Killer v3.3.3

Automatic Task Killer v3.3.3
Requirements: Android: 1.6 and up
Overview: Kill tasks and processes automatically. Saves battery and speed up your phone!


Removed LeadBolt Ad.


Removed Push Ad. No more alert by anti virus app and buttery use. Let me apologize for your inconvenience.



Minor bug fixed.

Ad platform changed to fast one.

Initial loading speed increased.


Updated for Newer Android OS version.


Bug Fixed.


Bug fixed. Froyo Enabled by default.


Bug fixed. Disabled "Stop Auto kill" temporary. Will be added after fixing bug completely about it. Sorry for repeated update.


Bug fixed.


Bug fixed.


+ Added ability to turn off Autostart upon device booting. You can completely turn off auto-killing process and use it as manual-killing-only task killer.

+ Added ability to memorize the list of tasks you killed manually last time. You can turn off it via Menu > Settings > Memorize Last List. Uncheck it.

+ Added stop background process of Automatic Task Killer.

+ Now you can stop background process of Automatic Task Killer anytime via Kill List Window. Go to menu and tap "Stop Auto-kill".


+ Added manual killing function like Advanced Task Killer. You can choose which window to open initially from standard Automatic Task Killer window(Kill list window) or Manual Killing window.

+ beautiful hi-res icon.

+ Any request about manual killing? Tell me anytime!


+ Finally, Automatic Task Killer runs fine on Froyo and GingerBread! Please read FAQ for more details. Contact me for any issues!


+ Bug fixed.


+ Notification icon like Advanced Task Killer has added. Enable in Setting.

Each time killing task with task manager manually? No need to do it anymore. Automatic Task Killer is easiest Task Manager on Android Market.

"Set once, and forget it".

Speed up and save battery.

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