Saturday, October 6, 2012

Silent Movie Maker v1.7c Apk App

Requirements: Android v3.0 and up


 Convert MP4 movies to silent movies. Effects give your movies a vintage look.

 Silent Movie Maker converts standard MP4 movies into black and white, sepia-toned or color silent movies containing "artifacts" such as vertical scratches, pinholes and shutter flare. Increase or decrease brightness and contrast and soften output to simulate the effects of older vintage lenses. Adjust color channels to simulate color films popularized by Super 8mm home movie cameras.

 Additionally dropped frames add to the illusion of a film shot on a hand-cranked or wind-up movie camera by varying the apparent speed of playback.

 Add title and end cards to enhance the silent movie look.

 Silent Movie Maker should work on any ARM processor utilizing the NEON SIMD instruction set (an ARMv7 is ideal), but the application is somewhat hardware-dependent, and as such its functionality is not guaranteed.

 Supports any video resolution, but title and end cards may only be added to "standard" formats:






 View your newly processed movie in the built-in preview video player, where you can instantly share your latest creation with the masses via email or YouTube.

 Process any MP4 movie, but be aware that the higher the resolution and the greater in length, the longer processing will take. Additionally, the more effects being applied, the greater the potential for extended processing times.

 Experimentation is encouraged, but it is recommended to use the default values when getting started, just to get a feel for their effects. A good starting point would be a 30 second to one minute 720x480 or 640x480 movie.

 Please send email for support or suggestions.


 What's in this version:


 Repaired file open bug inadvertently introduced in 1.7b

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