Thursday, August 16, 2012

Software Releases • Magic Piano 1.0.2 + 30x DLC Songs!

Magic Piano v1.0.2(All Songs Unlocked)
Requirements: Android 2.2+/Rooted
Overview: Magic Piano, now on Google Play!



From Bruno Mars to Mozart, play the hottest songs on the #1 piano game, now available on Android! Get free songs every day and enjoy the best song catalog of any piano app. Join the over 13 million Magic Piano players and experience the fun of playing piano - no lessons or tutors needed!
Featured in the New York Times and Time magazine, Magic Piano makes you a piano virtuoso - any time, anywhere. Just touch the beams of light, and you control the notes, rhythm and tempo of each piece while Magic Piano serves as your guide. Share your performances with friends via Google Plus, Email, Facebook, Twitter, or SMS!
Choose from the largest music catalog of any piano app.
- Hot new music is added to the app regularly, so check back often.
- Earn new songs by playing and by watching videos
- Check back daily for free music every day!
Current music in the app includes:
- Love You Like a Love Song
- Apologize
- Grenade
- Fireflies
- Bad Romance
- The Final Countdown
- Bring Me to Life
- Hey There Delilah
- How to Save a Life
- Bach - Ave Maria and many more!
- Chopin - Minute Waltz and many more!
- Beethoven - Ode To Joy, Moonlight Sonata, and many more!
- A Whole New World
- Phantom of the Opera
- Jurassic Park Theme
Want a song that's not available? Suggest songs on Smule’s Facebook or Google+ page: and
Please note:
1) While you can use your existing Smule account with Magic Piano on Android, the content of the apps differ substantially, and consequently songs and Smoola are not shared between iOS and Android. Thank you for your understanding.
2) For some devices where we know there are issues, we have restricted installs for now. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S II has audio bugs in the phone itself that make the Magic Piano experience... well, not so magical. However, Android hardware and software are constantly improving so if we are able to support some of these devices in the future we absolutely will!

What's in this version:
-Prices now refresh correctly in the songbook - check back daily for new FREE songs!
-Fixed a crash caused by using the back button repeatedly from the pause screen
For those of you still experiencing issues we apologize and thank you for your patience. We've had to stop supporting a handful of devices temporarily while we investigate certain issues. For a full description of each, please see ... WJTc25yV2c

magic.db Changelog:
Update (14/07/2012)
added some more songs
everybody talks
since you been gone
and more

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Software Releases • Ice Cream Sandwich LWP v1.0.5

Ice Cream Sandwich LWP v1.05
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Get Ice Cream Sandwich wallpaper on your devices!
Download the free Ice Cream Sandwich ICS live wallpaper featuring floating particles.

Get Ice Cream Sandwich wallpaper on your devices!

Download the free Ice Cream Sandwich ICS live wallpaper featuring floating particles.
It is inspired by original Android 4.0 ICS wallpaper, this is live wallpaper version!

To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

To develop more free great live wallpapers, we have implemented some ads in settings.
Advertisement can support our develop more free great live wallpapers.

This live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus. Please contact us if your device is not supported.

What's in this version:
- Simulated wallpaper scrolling on non-scrolling home screens such as Samsung Galaxy S3
- Added more languages

More Info:

Dolphin Browser Beta v1.0.6 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.3+

Overview: Dolphin Browser Beta is the highest performing HTML5 browser available today.

 Dolphin Browser Beta (with Dolphin Engine) is an improved webkit version with extensive canvas enhancement and behind-the-scenes technology that makes it our fastest Dolphin yet.

 How fast? Dolphin Browser Beta's HTML-5 rendering is:

 • 5 - 10X faster than the default Android browser

 • 100% faster than Chrome (at times)

 • Initially scored over 450 when tested on ( is an industry respected tool for testing a browser’s support of HTML5)

 With a score of over 450, the highest tested, Dolphin has:

 • Full support for Web Worker

 • Full support for Web Socket

 • Full support for Web Audio

 • Support of Camera real-time video display

 • Support of Web Notification

 • Support of Web GL

 • Support of Web application customization

 Besides HTML5 enhancements, Dolphin Browser Beta includes all the features in Dolphin Browser (Formerly Dolphin Browser HD):

 ★ Sonar – Dolphin listens and lets you use your voice to search on the Internet, share on your favorite social networks, bookmark your favorite website, navigate and more.

 ★ Gesture - Let your inner artist out and create a personal Gesture (symbol) to access the mobile and desktop websites you use the most.

 ★ Webzine - Fast Web page loading, with no ads. Dolphin Webzine simplifies the way you read your favorite mobile content, from news to blogs and websites. Webzine is now available as an Add-on on the Android Market.

 ★ Speed Dial - Visit you favorite mobile and desktop websites on the go with one touch.

 ★ Tabbed browsing - No need to toggle between screens, tabbed browsing lets you open and switch between Web pages fast as lightning.

 ★ Sidebars - Make the best of mobile interface via Dolphin Sidebar.

Download Instructions: 


MyCalendar Mobile v2.47 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: The most popular calendar application on Facebook with over 100 million users is now here on Android! Now with MyCalendar Mobile, you will never forget your friends' birthdays again!

 Key Features:

 ☆ Import birthdays from Facebook

 ☆ Add birthdays of all contacts from your phone and add custom birthdays

 ☆ Customizable reminder settings: delivers notifications straight to your iPhone)

 ☆ Easily message your friends and wish them "Happy Birthday " along with custom message with just one click!

 ☆ No Ads

 We are working hard on our next version! More features coming soon! Thanks for your patience!

 SUPPORT: Please click "Settings" > "Report a Problem" from inside our application to reach us.

 What's in this version:

 Added "Reset Calendar"

 Added ability to change login email

Download Instructions:Released by chathu_ac


BetBud - Sports Tracker v5.3 Apk App


 Overview: Track your sports bets live!

 Bet on sports? Keep track of all your action with BetBud.

 Are you sick of navigating scoreboard apps trying to find your games and see how your bets are doing? BetBud makes tracking your wagers simple, you enter the bets you’ve placed, with the spread you have, and you can see how each is doing, at a glance, on the pending bet screen. They will all be there for you, no jumping between leagues or conferences to look at each score. You can also use BetBud to track your off ice fantasy pick 'ems.

 BetBud will also do the spread math for you, and have it presented right there with the score. For example, if you have Dallas -7.5 and the score is Dallas 17, NY Giants 3, the “spread score” is Dallas 17, NY Giants 10.5. It will also show how far off you are from total if betting Over/Unders, as well as forecast the final total as the game progresses.

 But it gets better, as the game is going on, BetBud will monitor the score and your spread, and calculate when the game is moving in your favor, or not in your favor. When it sees this happen, you will be alerted. This saves you from having to continually check your phone for scores **no more score watching!**, you will get the “Trending Alert” which contains the score, your spread and time remaining. The Trending Alert also ranks your bet’s current status in a color scheme system; this makes it even easier to see your status on all your bets at a glance:

 Green – winning big

 Blue - winning

 Gray – pushing

 Orange – losing

 Red – losing big

 Once your games are complete, they are kept in your completed picks view. This is useful for tracking your bankroll over time…how much did I win last week? The last two weeks?, etc. You can also label your picks so you can manage multiple books at a time.

 Because BetBud keeps the history of your picks, it is also has the ability to show varying statistics on your betting trends; what seems to work for you and where you should focus (excel at handicapping!). For example, you could look at your college football picks over the last month and determine that when betting spreads over 10, you seem to do poorly. There are several ways to filter these charts and view your bets from different perspectives, such as your top performing teams, who you’ve done best fading against, what spread amounts are most successful, what bet category has been working (favorites, overs, etc), best total amounts, full game vs. half bets, etc.

 BetBud currently supports Side bets, Totals (Over/Unders), Parlays, Draws (Soccer), in-game bets (1st/2nd Half, Quarters, Periods, 5 Innings), single team totals, Teasers, and Moneylines, for NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, March Madness, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, AFL, CFL, and Soccer (Argentina Primera, Brazil Serie A, English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Holland Eredivisie, Italian Series A, Mexico Primera, MLS, Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Euro 2012, International Teams).

 This version has these functions unlocked without needing to install the Unlock Key:

 -Risk amount tracking $$$.

 -Parlay Entry.

 -Hides advertisements.

 -In-game bet tracking (1st/2nd half, Quarters, Periods, 1st 5 Innings, Last 4 Innings).

 -Extended statistics.

 -View Betting trends (from BetBud users).

 Download Instructions: Released by Giga-Byte


Google Reader v1.1.8

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Google Analytics v1.1.4


Essential data for your sites & apps. Anywhere, anytime.

The Google Analytics app shows what is new and what is important on your Google Analytics profiles. See real time statistics, customizable dashboards and intelligence events on your phone.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Auto Uploader v2.0.10


There are several configurations for each service, as an album where the photo should be placed, if it should be private or visible to all, tags, and more.

So far, these services are supported:

- Dropbox

- Facebook

- Flickr

- Picasa

But more are coming!

IMPORTANT: this is NOT a client! It will not create accounts in the online services, and not will access your pictures in there. The only purpose is to upload the pictures without press or select anything.

Before buying this, please test the free version.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Software Releases • GameGuardian v5.6

GameGuardian v5.6
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview: Without it, you are played by games; with it, you play games in your own rules!


Without it, you are played by games; with it, you play games in your own rules!
“Game Guardian” is a game hack/alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design.

This tool only works in rooted devices!!

Main Features:
1. Search game value with precise number.
2. Search game value with vague instructions, e.g. larger or smaller.
3. Lock the game value to a fixed number.
4. Save/Load the managed list.
5. Touch Guardian sprite to bring up the tool during gaming.
6. Change game speed.

Enjoy playing games in your own way!

What's New in Version 5.6
* Fix speed change functionality in Android 4.1.1.
* Change speed levels.

More Info:

Smart Lock (App/Media) v3.10.1 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: Smart Lock (App/Photo/Video Lock) Privacy Protector

 Smart Lock provides your privacy in mobile phone from others.

 You can meet here the most essential App which hides Apps/Pictures/Media Files by managing password.

 Do you mind somebody executing Apps or taking a look to pictures and media files on your mobile phone?

 Smart Lock provides you lots of features such as locking App, staying awake and locking auto screen-rotate.

 No one can see locked Pictures/Media Files!!!

 Language : English, Japanese, Korean

 # Please unlocks Pictures/Media Files before deleting Smart Lock. If you do not unlock them before deleting Smart Lock, you lost your Pictures/Media Files forever.

 The way to recover: reinstall Smart Lock > Setting > Recovering locked media

 # To prevent deleting Smart Lock, you don’t have to register Smart Lock as a locked App.

 Smart Lock itself registered as Default locked App. (This feature doesn’t support to partial phone. If supported, please register Default locked App.

 # If you see the message “No installed App” or don’t execute App in Home Launcher, that means you are using the feature ‘Hide App’ in Setting. It is possible to execute Smart Lock by Widget (2X1) or calling to dial #000.

 # Fake Mode: it shows fake error massage on lock screen. (Move to lock screen when pressing error message longer.)

 # While service icon is hidden, Smart Lock could not be locked or stable if lacking resources of mobile phone. We recommend not to hide icons.

 Main Features :

 - Locking App

 - Staying awake (Executing locked App)

 - Locking auto screen-rotate (Executing locked App)

 - Locking each Picture/Media File

 - Locking USB Storage

 - Change notification of mobile phone number

 Additional Features :

 - Default locked App (This feature doesn’t support to partial phone.)

 - Select lock type (Number/Text/Pattern)

 - Set up the digits of PINs (4/6 digits)

 - The Randomization of PINs

 - Change button size/image

 - Fake mode

 - Quick start (Executing Smart Lock by calling to dial #000)

 - Manage pictures by folders

 - Rename folder

 - Move pictures to other folder

 - Lock media files in Gallery

 - Hide service icon in Notification area

 - Widget: 1X1, 2X1 (Executing/Stopping service, Registering locked App, Move to Main page)

 - Start remote service (By SMS, enter @ap start + PINs and then press 'Call')

 - Set up schedule of service (Start/End time)

 - Set up time to lock for each App

 - Hide Smart Lock icon : It shows/hides Smart Lick icon in installed App list, Home Launcher.

 - Edit lock screen

 - Backup/Recovery

 - Slide show of locked media files

 - Sharing the locked image

 What's in this version:


 * Reported bug fix


 * Added text-password

 * change password authentication

 * Reported bug fix


 * Modify lock service.

 * While service icon is hidden, Smart Lock could not be locked or stable if lacking resources of mobile phone. We recommend not to hide icons.

 * Reported bug fix


 * Improveme the UI


 * Improveme the UI

 * Reported bug fix


 * Execute locked app

 * Reported bug fix


 * Add lock settings (day of week)

 * Improve app lock

 * Reported bug fix

Download Instructions:


AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Pro v8.1.0 Apk App

Requirements: Varies with device


 AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is not a regular task manager.

 AutoKiller is an award winner minfree tweaker, it fine tunes android systems inner memory manager to keep your device fast over time. As a side effect it also lowers battery consumption. Also includes a manual process/service manager.

 - ROOT REQUIRED to set minfree values, unrooted devices will not have this feature

 - if you have questions or you face errors please check home page or write mail

 - for more details see home page

 - donation is only available via paypal atm. because payed apps are not available in all countries yet

 Donators and PRO users receive additional features:

 - no ads

 - alternate preset enabled

 - Chuck Norris mode enabled

 - alternate preset (while screen is off)

 Please be careful, apps with very similar look and name are distributed, they can be malicious.

Download Instructions:Released by : chathu_ac


Ringtone Maker Pro v1.3.5 Apk App

Requirements: ANdroid 1.6 and up

Overview: Ringtone Maker for Android™ using your MP3's and more!

 Ringtone Maker for Android™ using your MP3's and more!

 ☆☆ 50% OFF for a limited-time! Thank you for making our App so popular. ☆☆

 Make unlimited free ringtones with the music on your Android™ device. Advanced ringtone making options included! Based on technology from our award-winning web service (, you’ll choose from both popular edits generated by users online and options to “drag’n’drop” fine-tuned editing controls for making your own ringtones in just seconds!

 We offer the best ringtone maker in the Android market.


 - Create unlimited ringtones, custom lengths... up to 40-seconds!

 - Make "text tones" of 6 seconds or less, using our same App!


 - Supports popular audio-formats (MP3, M4A)

 - Fine-tuning buttons (+/-)

 - Suggested ringtone entry points from our website

 - Ringtones may also be used for alarm clocks & contacts

 - Installs ringtones automatically!

 To make a ringtone: 1) Open the 'Ringtone Maker' App. 2) Choose a song from your device’s ‘Music’ Library. 3) Use the ‘slider control’ and ‘fine-tuning buttons’ to create the ringtone of your liking! -- Instant previewing and unlimited, high-quality ringtone conversions are built-in.

 KW: ringtone maker, make ringtones, create unlimited ringtones, music ringtone maker, ring tones for free, mobile, 17, pro, creator, editor, your, own

 What's in this version:

 Twitter and Facebook sharing capabilities!

 Fine-tuning options automatically restart ringtone playback when editing!

 No editing restrictions! Up to 40 Seconds, unlike those other Apps.

 New language translations.

 Small updates and bug fixes.

Download Instructions:Released by chathu_ac