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Medieval Apk v1.5 (1.5) Download

Released Game NameMedieval 1.5 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.1 and up
Category Description:
 Arcade & Action
Game Overview: With unlimited action, Thrilling battles, action game-play, Horse riding etc. it is quite an appreciating game. Check out the full version of Medieval with almost all features you always wanted!

With 4 game modes Fast fire, Normal, Hard, Medium with their separate experiences.
Medieval was a popular iOS smashing hit now available for Android with that same addicting game-play!
It is a Tower defense type game including awesome graphics, great sound, and superb game-play to give a different experience that other adventures games!

Play with simple gaming strategies and use Medieval weapons to defeat the enemy forces that are going to take you down. Protect your castle from every possible attacks by enemies. Leave the magic fairies, silly plants, and spells to the others – Medieval is hardcore castle defense in its purest and most satisfying form. Where archers and armour, bombs and boulders, catapults and cauldrons…all battle it out in defense of your castle and your honor.

• 4 Game Modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, and FAST FIRE for a finger-tapping frenzy!
• 3 Different Shooting Modes: Auto Fire, Show Arc, Drag Fire.
• 6 Different troop types including war machines like Catapults and fast moving cavalry Raiders.
• Tailor your forces to suit your personal style of warfare
• 8 Unique weapons such as flaming arrows and powerful multi-shots – each with multiple upgrades available for maximum devastation.

This version of Medieval includes the upgradable facility for Troops and fixed with the startup crashing problem on some devices!!


Pool Mania Apk v1.0 (1.0) Download

Released Game NamePool Mania 1.0 Apk 
Supported Android version: Android 2.1 and up
Category Description:
Game Overview: It is the latest pool game at the Google play store. Developed by RUNNERGAMES, one of the popular developer of casual games. Within 4 days of the launch , this game has reached 1 millions of downloads and is getting more day by day!
Built-in superb arcade mode makes it even more addicting.
Pool Mania is one of the leading Pool game with built-in arcade mode, stunning graphics and quite an addicting game-play. The millions of users who have downloaded it within 4 days of its launch can’t be wrong!!

Pool Mania

Features :-
- Great Arcade game Mode!
- Challenge mode wants more score within limited time.
- easy to play, suitable for any age
- properties: stars, covers, iron blocks
- various tables
- more functions comming soon!!


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Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD Apk v1.0.4 (1.0.4) Download

Released Game NameEinstein™ Brain Trainer HD 1.0.4 Apk
Supported Android version: Android 2.3.3 and up
Category Description:
 Brain & Puzzle
Game Overview: Want to sharpen up your mind ? Make your mind functioning like that of Einstein’s mind. Yes, it is somehow possible. For that you just need to take some crash course and get a trained, sharp, skilled and innovative mind!!
You might had used some apps that help you keeping your body healthy and fit. But what about the brain, don’t you think it requires a little more attention than your body ?

Einstein Brain Trainer help you sharpening your brain, makes your mind innovative as that’s of Einstein’s. It’s a kind of training app that only focuses on your brain!
Its all about keeping your mind healthy and fit because mental fitness is as important as any other fitness of your body!!
Get your grey matter moving: Brain training for the whole family to enjoy at home or to play with your friends. Albert Einstein will guide you through this game with 30 excellent brain exercises. The famous Albert Einstein will accompany you with advice and assistance and explain which parts of your brain will be activated throughout the course of the training.
Albert Einstein and his cute little assistant Robo will support you in any aspect of the game. They will be at your side whenever you need them, explaining the different exercises and illustrating the scientific background of each exercise. They will motivate you to keep moving and to care about your mental fitness!

• Premier quality Android product for brain training with a scientific approach
• 30 specially designed exercises to stimulate the brain
• Daily Tests to check your current “Brain Fitness”
• Dynamic adaption of the difficulty level for each exercise
• Detailed scientific background information for each exercise
• Continuous interaction between Albert Einstein and the player
• Detailed help system accessible from anywhere in the game
• Comprehensive and detailed statistics
• Profile management to allow for multiple players on one Android phone/tablet
• Hot-Seat mode (mutiplayer mode on a single Android phone/tablet)
• Easy and intuitive user interface to grant fun for young and old alike
• Personal coaching by the great mind and likeness of Albert Einstein!!

Play this brain Training game that helps you train you mind and give it a little exercise!!

Apk     SD Data :        Sd data/Android/obb

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Beautiful Widgets v4.11.3 Apk Android

- Display either the weather, battery icon (both with skins) or just a clock on the widget.

- 5 days Weather Forecast based on Google weather or Accuweather, with Geolocation support, automatic sunset/sunrise, also available on a weather only widget.

- Support multiple locations for the forecast, so you always know the weather for any others places

- Weather alerts (USA only), storm/rain/snow forecasts

- More than 15 nice Weather Animations (rain, storm, etc) for your pleasure when tapping the weather icon from the widgets.

- Moon phases, actual and a calendar for the next 4/5 phases

- Nice toggle widgets for Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile, Brightness, GPS (shortcut), Silent, Vibrate, Plane Mode, 4G (only for a few HTC devices), Rotate, Pattern (below android 2.2) and a Timed Silence!

- More than 1000+ FREE Skins/Themes to changes the look and feel of you clock, weather icons or toggle buttons ! Impress your friends with your clock widget!

- Weather Live Wallpaper OpenGL accelerated (for supported devices only) which allow to display the weather live from your wallpaper, with many effects, physics and interactions!

- Auto-refresh weather on widgets when your phone is unlocked

- Define applications to launch when tapping the hours, date or forecast details from the widgets so you can access the most important applications very easy from our beautiful widgets.

- Introducing Beautiful Today widget which display the date using the same look as the Super Clock

- Temperature displayed in your notification bar, with access to the weather forecast. Now with the Ice Cream Sandwich look & feel if you are on Android 4.0!

- Web Skin Market with cloud to device communication: browse skins from your computer and apply it directly to your phone along with a new wallpaper!

- Web Skin Mixer: create your own customized skins from the elements of the others skins

- Many options in order to create your own experience!

See why it is the best Android clock and weather widgets and the only choice for thousands of users! You probably heard of Beautiful Widgets before!

Android Central: "We love Beautiful Widgets"

Android and Me: "Beautiful Widgets is one of the essential must-have Android apps, and has been for quite some time now. If you still haven’t managed to buy the app, there’s no time to waste."

ZDNet: "The strength of Android is the ability to make the interface very personal, and Beautiful Widgets is the daddy of them all."

Now with Honeycomb tablets support (ie the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab)!


- Super Clock HD widget with weather, battery or just the clock 4x3 4x2 4x1 2x1 5x3

- Weather only widget 4x1 1x1

- Battery widget 1x1

- Date widget 2x1 1x1

- Text Clock simple widget 2x1

- Toggles widgets 1x1

- Home widgets with clock and weather and 300 skins 4x1 2x1

Direct Download Link | Direct Download Link

Homerun Battle 2 v1.0.8.1 Apk+Data Android

Perfectly Clear for Android v1.04 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.3.3+

Overview: Perfectly Clear has arrived for the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android.

 Athentech Imaging, the makers of Perfectly Clear, have been the industry leaders in Automatic Image Correction for years. Our powerful and desktop and intelligent LAB software have led the way for an award winning iPhone app and now Android app.

 Camera phones lack the quality and sophistication that dedicated cameras have and often leave you with underexposed, washed out photos. Perfectly Clear Automatically corrects these images and turns them into stunning memories for years to come. Now, from the everyday smart phone user to the experienced mobile photographer, there is an intelligent way to automatically correct your photos anywhere, anytime.

 With the new, completely redesigned interface, no effort is required to create and then share beautiful looking images with this fun-to-use app. Watch as Perfectly Clear automatically peels off your original photo to reveal a vibrant, color corrected photo with crisp details you couldn’t see in your original. Want more then automatic? Perfectly Clear lets you use our 10 patented correction to further customize your image the with the use of easy, intuitive sliders.

 See for yourself the power of Perfectly Clear

 What's in this version:

 -Lowered RAM consumption

 -Adjusted wording

 -Improved stability

 -Removed Album "other"

 -New default export location (instead of "not set"): /sdcard/PerfectlyClear

Download Instructions:


ReLoop Loop Sequencer v1.9.9 Apk App

 Quickly make music using samples and loops, just like Garageband or Sony's ACID.

 Real time live loop preview, hear how a loop will sound while currently playing what's already programmed.

 Get more samples for FREE by downloading ReLoop loop Paks from Android Market or from my website, OR load your own samples too unto your sdcard.

 3 real-time FX : Delay, Low pass filter, and Distortion.

 Easy to use interface - Drag/Drop loops on the timeline.

 TAP a track number to bring up a screen to load a sample or loop to that track.

 LONG PRESS a track number to bring up the FX dialog for that track.

 TOUCH AND DRAG TO THE RIGHT off a track number to add it's sample to the timeline

 LONG PRESS a sample to select it for further editing.

 LONG PRESS a sample AND DRAG TO THE LEFT OFF THE SCREEN to delete the sample from the timeline.

 LONG PRESS a sample and move it left to right to move its position on the timeline.

 CHECK THE MENU for even more operations such as slice, copy, undo, snap, etc.

 CD quality sound (44Khz 16bit stereo).

 WAV import - LOAD YOUR OWN samples and loops from SDCARD. File location is /sdcard/reloop/samples.

 Use my Sonic Chop app (sold separate) to chop samples from MP3's on your device and load them right into ReLoop!

 24 bit WAV support, no need to convert your samples or loops to use them. Use samples from loopmasters, primeloops, etc, right away.

 CHANGE PITCH on one-shot samples to build melodies

 SLICE loops and rearrange.

 SNAP up to 1/16, or turn off SNAP and lay samples wherever you want.

 COPY/PASTE samples or entire blocks

 WAV Export.

 Uses as much screen space as you have, works great on Galaxy tablet screens.

 What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 4, 2012 )

 Found and FIXED a VERY BAD buffer bug. If you ever had performance problems with ReLoop, then this should fix it!

 ADDED PARAMETER AUTOMATION!!!!! Finally you can record real time slider adjustments! To add more dynamics to your track [IMG]http://www.******[/IMG] Note though it's not supported on the Distortion Fx yet. Mixer and FX delay, Filter sliders can all be automated now.

 Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Pocketbooth v1.2.2 Apk App

Pocketbooth turns your Android device into a vintage photobooth !

 Meticulously designed to emulate the experience of a 1950s-era Model 11 Photobooth, Pocketbooth is as beautiful to look at as it is fun to use. Pocketbooth perfectly replicates the intimacy, spontaneity, and hilarity of a traditional photobooth. Take it to your next party and watch as your friends strike a pose.

 Version 1.2 enhances front-facing camera support for phones running Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and select phones running pre-Gingerbread versions of Android including HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy S (GT I9000M), Motorola Atrix, and the Xoom.

What's in this version: (Updated : Aug 2, 2012)

Nexus 7 support

enhances front-facing camera support for phones running Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and select phones running pre-Gingerbread versions of Android including HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy S (GT I9000M), Motorola Atrix.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Software Releases • Holo Launcher HD Plus v1.0

Holo Launcher HD Plus v1.0
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Highly customizable Jelly Bean Launcher
Image Image

Simple, powerful, fast and highly customizable home replacement, based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Launcher.

Basic Features:
- Full Jelly Bean Launcher Features
- Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9 desktop pages and 10 x 10 grid
- Custom Drawer Portrait/landscape Grid
- Scrollable Dock: Up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages
- Infinite Scrolling
- Gestures: Swipe up/down on desktop to launch apps quickly
- Customizable shortcut/folder icons
- Customizable icon label color
- Apply icon packs, support ADW icon pack and Launcherpro icon pack
- Desktop Previews: Pinch to access desktop previews
- Backup and Restore: Backup and restore your settings and shortcuts
- Other Customization Options: Keep in memory, home key action, hide apps in drawer, hide labels, etc

Plus Features (Need Holo Launcher Plus):
* Unlimited configurable drawer tabs
* Unread count notifications for call, sms and gmail
* Customizable notification badge color
* More desktop gestures: Pinch in/out, Two Finger Swipe and Double-tap
* Dock icon Swipe up/down gestures
* Support Go Launcher icon pack
* More transition effects
* Widgets overlapping
* 1x1 widgets in dock
* Other enhancement and customization options

What's in this version:
- Option to change icon label color
- Option to hide desktop label shadow
- Option to make labels in single line
- Option to change unread notification badge color (plus)
- Bug fixes
- Updated translations

More Info:

Software Releases • Mantano Reader Premium v2.2.0

Mantano Reader Premium v2.2.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: User friendly Advanced Reader Application for PDF and EPUB ebooks, including Dictionary, Personal Lexicon, Notebook and BookFinder.


Enjoy your readings using very useful functions like table of content, bookmarks, highlights, search, text and graphical annotations, dictionary, text to speech. Benefit from the support of advanced features on PDF format, like automatic and manual margin removal for PDFs, adjustment to one column for multi-column documents, zooming and shifting (Pan & Zoom),...

Find the book that you’re looking for in a few seconds by using the Book Finder which browses the most important online catalogs, including free and paid books.

Supports Adobe DRM.

Main features :

. Advanced support of PDF including : Pan and Zoom, one column display with a double-click, word selection with a double-click.
. Support of Adobe DRM including the management of ID and password protected files.
. Theme support for ePub files : change the default font, line height, colors, etc.
. Text to speech on a book, a page or a text selection.
. Textual and graphical note taking, related to a page, a highlight or independent.
. Tree structured table of content.
. Quick access to annotations, highlights and bookmarks.
. Word search in a dictionary to be choosen among a list (local dictionary or online)

. Tag management.
. Filters by author, tags, publisher and formats.
. Sort by title, author, date on which it was added, last access date.
. List and thumbnail views.
. Word search in the personal lexicon.

. Search of a book in several online catalogs simultaneously, together with Google books.
. Opening of the downloaded book in the reader.
. Filter by category, language, bookstore.
. Review posting from the book description page.
. Book search in fulltext or multi-criterion mode.

Other reader applications :
. Supporting Adobe DRM: Aldiko, Moon+ Reader, Kobo.
. Not Supporting Adobe DRM: RepliGo, Laputa, Cool Reader, EzPDF.

What's in this version:
- EPUB: Page turn effect and Zoom on images
- PDF: Smooth horizontal and vertical page turn, and fast "fling"
- Search function improved (Premium only)
- TTS, the Volume buttons do not turn pages and allow to control the volume
- Dictionary in a book opens dialog and launch search
- New Underline and Strikethrough effects on a selection (Premium only)
- Cloud: downloads can now be canceled
- RMDSK upgraded to 9.3.2

More Info:

Software Releases • Display Tester Pro v3.4.1

Display Tester Pro v3.4.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: With this test tool you can test your device's LCD/OLED screen. It is designed to allow full screen testing in ICS/Honeycomb devices by hiding the soft keys.


-= Free features =-
◆ Dead pixel test: detect "dead pixels" by displaying a series of solid background color pages
◆ Color tests: contrast, gradient (banding) and saturation tests
◆ Gamma calibration tests (grey/red/green/blue)
◆ Viewing angle tests (This is useless for OLED displays)
◆ Multi-touch test
◆ Display performance tests
◆ Repair burn in - scrolling black & white bars
◆ Display measures info: screen size, GPU type, dpi, density-independent pixel size, OpenGL 1.x info, pixel format
◆ Real world pictures for reference and comparison
◆ 4-color gradient test with orientation change correction

-= Pro features =-
◆ No splash screen
◆ Repair burn in - noise (white, b&w, red, green, blue) => Only Android 2.2 and higher!
◆ Pixel format & dithering tests

-= Soft key hiding in ICS/Honeycomb =-
Use the preferences menu option for this.

-= Gestures =-
◆ Slide left-right: change test image
◆ Slide up-down: change brightness
◆ Long touch: switch between full screen and normal screen (only Honeycomb & ICS)

When the soft keys are hidden it is not easy to advance to the next screen: First tap to make the buttons appear, then a quick swipe for the next screen before the buttons are hidden again.

What's in this version:
◆ Paging style changed
◆ Maximum duration for burn-in repair increased to 1 hour

More Info:

Software Releases • Linux Installer ADVANCED v4.0

Linux Installer ADVANCED v4.0
Requirements: 1.5+
Overview: Please install this version ONLY is the standard (Free) version WORKS on your phone or you want to make a donation :-).

The actual price is low because actualy low features added.

This version adding from Standard version :

- XServer dependencie to get X apps work, like xterm.
- Can create Android Desktop Shorcut for X app.
- More application can be installed throught GUI.
- A startx like button.

Released By Market Militia

More Info:

Software Releases • Rdio Unlimited music v2.2.1

Rdio Unlimited music v2.2.1
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
This is a complete redesign and rewrite of Rdio for Android. Rdio is the best way to discover, play and share millions of songs, wherever you go – completely ad-free. And even offline, when you don’t have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.


Unlimited music, everywhere.

This is a complete redesign and rewrite of Rdio for Android. Rdio is the best way to discover, play and share millions of songs, wherever you go – completely ad-free. And even offline, when you don’t have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Play any of our 15+ million songs as much as you like, curate your own collection of favorites, subscribe to great playlists made by friends or influencers or create your own. Follow along in all the activity from the people you follow – the best way to discover favorite songs new and old. Or, for a quick hit of albums most popular in your network, check out Heavy Rotation.

Browse and play thousands of new releases every week, all part of your Rdio subscription – or browse and play the Rdio top charts.

All-in-all, an amazingly seamless companion to your experience on Try it free today – A monthly subscription is just $9.99.

- Access to more than 15 million songs
- New albums added every week
- Carry your collection in your pocket
- Sync and play music when you’re offline
- Build unlimited playlists
- Search every single song, album, artist, playlist or user on Rdio

More Info:

Shot Control v2.5.7.1 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: A camera app designed to help serious photographers take better photographs. Shot Control allows photographers to better control, monitor, and manage the Android photography experience.

 It's so easy to use and equally functional." - Comment From Zac

 "Everything you need from a camera app on screen and in easy reach. This is the best. " - Comment From Jason

 "The Shot Control interface is very intuitive, and having the "roll" integrated into the main screen makes things even easier." - Comment From Mitch

 "I love that I don't need menus to get to the adjustments and filters. Great work!" - Comment From January

 "Shutter button remapping alone is worth the purchase." - Comment from kvn

 "Really complements the Galaxy Nexus camera. Giving the user more control of the camera which will result in better photos." - Comment from Stephen

 Key Features:

 - Multiple Touch Focus/Meter regions on ICS (on supported devices with Android 4.0)

 - Direct access to exposure control and zoom

 - One tap access to ISO, White Balance, Scene Modes, Focus Modes, and Flash Mode Settings (based on device abilities)

 - Custom mapping for hardware buttons (like volume down for focus, volume up for shutter)

 - Pre-focus function

 - 35mm style film roll integrated with the viewfinder display

 - Star your favorite photos, which will be added to their own "Stars - Shot Control" group in the stock gallery app on most phones.

 - With "Instant Upload" enabled in Google+, photos with stars will be "instant uploaded" to G+/Picasa as if they were taken with the stock camera app.

 Please use the “Submit Bug Report” if you have issues on your device, available by pressing the menu button. I can't reply to comments posted in the market.

 What's in this version:

 (frogwalloper - please email me, I have no way to contact you.)

 v2.5.7 - Ability to hide zoom controls (a popular request), ISO fix for Droid Charge

 v2.5.6 - ISO fix for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

 v2.5.5 - ISO fix for Galaxy S3.

 v2.5.4 - Improved exposure controls, critical Jelly Bean fix for Nexus S.

 v2.5.3 - Saturation & Sharpness support for many HTC devices. Force close fixes. Histogram default is off.

Download Instructions:


Call Recorder | Total Recall v1.9.19b Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: Total Recall | a Call Recorder

 Total Recall is by far the most Popular Call Recorder on the Planet and has been since 2004. It's the ONLY Call Recording App that's been been used by literally MILLIONS of users across multiple OS's in every country across the globe, and the only Cross Platform Compatible Call Recorder that can record calls on not only Android, but also Nokia Nokia Symbian, Symbian^3 & Meego smart phones.

 Sure there's cheaper Call Recorders out there, but they lack the FEATURES, FREQUENT UPDATES & SUPPORT that we have to offer. Ad-Based apps kill your batter in hours & run up expensive data charges. Plus, Total Recall is one of the few Call Recorders that actually records from the LINE not the MIC (on compatible devices).

 Total Recall Call Recorder Key Features |

 > Feature Packed & Easy to Use

 > The Only Cross Platform Compatible Mobile Call Recorder on the Market

 > We were the first and still one of the only Call Recording Apps to fully support the Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100 & T989 variants)

 > Supports full two sided call recording (directly from the LINE NOT the MIC!) on more devices than any other recorder on the

 Packed with Every Call Recording Feature You Need!

 > Record Your Calls Automatically Or Manually

 > Record All Calls, Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls or only Certain Numbers or Contacts

 > Widget for quick recording of voice notes (perfect for Lectures, Meetings, Classes, Memos, Reminders)

 > Recorded Calls & Audio include thes Contact Name/Number, Date, Time & More. Easily Rename clips to whatever you want

 > Recopd in AMR, WAV, MP4 & 3GPP formats

 > Play back recorded calls directly from the app

 > Manually or Automatically Send/Upload your recorded audio & calls via Gmail or to your Evernote Account




 ** Not currently compatible with ICS (OS 4.0) unless using certain Custom ROMS

 ** Download our full featured 14 day Trial version prior to purchasing (uninstall prior to updating to the full version)

 ** Confirm the legality of call recording in your local jurisdiction prior to use.

 ** Not all Android devices are capable of Call Recording while others may only support recording via the Microphone, which can sometimes be improved by putting the call on speakerphone. Please test prior to purchase

 ** Some devices will be unable to record calls while using a Bluetooth Headset or Handsfree car kit, however an option is available to automatically not record calls while using a BT device.

 This Call Recorder Runs great on....

 > Droid Inredible 2

 > Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100 & Sprint Epic 4G Touch users go straight to test 3, T989 users go straight to test 2)

 > Samaung Galaxy Note (please test, mixed settings have been reported)

 > Samsung Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S (running OS 2.1) Galaxy Tab (running 2.2 & 2.3)

 > HTC Evo, Hero, Dream, Tattoo, Inspire & Others

 > Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 / X10 Mini / X10 Pro / X8

 > Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro / X12 / Anzu

 > & Many other devices not listed


 What's in this version:


 - adds Root fixes for S2 & Note to Standard build


 - Recording update for Sprint & Verizon Galaxy S3

 - Fixes S3 external SD card issue


 - Updates Wake lock feature


 Preset for the Samsung Galaxy S3


 - Minor fix for clip search & presets update


 - Fixes wav recording bug


 - Minor bug fixes


 - Adds settings preset for the Galaxy Note

 - Adds auto refresh feature to improve recorder stability

Download Instructions:


Phone Control Full v3.0.1 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Overview: Phone Control

 Please read FAQ and App description on before assuming it's not working.


 This application enables to:

 - Forward by SMS.

 - Forward by email.

 - Forward incoming/outgoing SMS.

 - Forward incoming/outgoing MMS.

 - Forward incoming/outgoing call notifications.

 - Forward record of incoming/outgoing phone calls (forward by email only).

 - Forward record around the phone with microphone (forward by email only).

 - Forward phone location, network or GPS location.

 - Forward pictures and videos taken with the phone (forward by email only).

 - Forward contacts list.

 - Forward applications list.

 - Forward bookmarks and visited urls.

 - Trigger actions by sending keywords in SMS:

 - Forward contacts list.

 - Forward applications list.

 - Forward bookmarks and visited urls.

 - Forward phone location.

 - Start/stop phone monitoring (app is sleeping when stopped).

 - Start/stop mic recording.

 - Start/stop GPS.

 - Start/stop WiFi.

 - ...

 A special silent version of the app dedicated to parental control is also available on

 This application must be installed on the phone to control. It is possible to define a password to protect the access to app settings.

 This application is by default in demonstration mode. In demo mode it doesn’t enable:

 - Forward outgoing call notification.

 - Forward outgoing SMS.

 - Forward outgoing MMS.

 - Record more than 1 minute.

 Buy "Phone Control Key" or "Phone Control Admin" application to remove this limitation.

 The "Phone Control Admin" app can be installed on another phone and is able to remotely configure the "Phone Control" app installed on the target phone. The "Phone Control Admin" also enable to send commands to the target phone as start or stop a recording. In addition it also permits to unlocks the "Phone Control" app and enables the full mode.

 The "Phone Control Key" app must be installed on the target phone (phone to control) in additon to "Phone Control" and it unlocks and enable the full mode.

 This application can be used for the following purposes:

 - Parental control.

 - Store an history of your phones activity to an email box.

 - Forward activity of your other phones to your main phone.


 What's in this version:

 Version 3.0.1:

 - Add new email subject type.

 - Fix pictures and videos forwarding issue with some phones.

 - Minor improvements and bug fix.

Download Instructions: