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Software Releases • Perfect Piano v5.2

Perfect Piano v5.2
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
Overview: Use this app to learn accurately notes of the piano with realistic piano sound.
1. Support Full Keyboads of Piano.
2. Single Row Mode.
3. Dual Row Mode.
4. Multi-Touch(Android 2.1 or higher).
5. Touch pressure detecting.
6. Record and Playback
7. Key width adjustment
8. Learn to play mode!(Preload 70 Sample songs)
9. Sharing your record play. Import from or Export to SDCard.
10. Learn to play sample songs downloadable. More songs are uploading.

1. Many user complain that sound failed loading sometimes. Please use 'back' key to exit app but not 'home' key. 'Home' key is just hiding the app in background. The memory occupied by audio resource may be collected back when device memory low.
2. To get the best performance, Prefer your phone's CPU is bigger than 800MHz.
3. Please send your question or feedback on using this app to us. We will reply you asap. Our email: or

What are you waiting for? Let the music come out under your finger!
A simple melody:
G5 A5 B5 D6 D6 E6 D6 B5 G5, G5 A5 B5 B5 A5 G5 A5.
G5 A5 B5 D6 D6 E6 D6 B5 G5, G5 A5 B5 B5 A5 A5 G5.

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Software Releases • Mantano Reader Premium v2.2.4

Mantano Reader Premium v2.2.4
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: User friendly Advanced Reader Application for PDF and EPUB ebooks, including Dictionary, Personal Lexicon, Notebook and BookFinder.


Enjoy your readings using very useful functions like table of content, bookmarks, highlights, search, text and graphical annotations, dictionary, text to speech. Benefit from the support of advanced features on PDF format, like automatic and manual margin removal for PDFs, adjustment to one column for multi-column documents, zooming and shifting (Pan & Zoom),...

Find the book that you’re looking for in a few seconds by using the Book Finder which browses the most important online catalogs, including free and paid books.

Supports Adobe DRM.

Main features :

. Advanced support of PDF including : Pan and Zoom, one column display with a double-click, word selection with a double-click.
. Support of Adobe DRM including the management of ID and password protected files.
. Theme support for ePub files : change the default font, line height, colors, etc.
. Text to speech on a book, a page or a text selection.
. Textual and graphical note taking, related to a page, a highlight or independent.
. Tree structured table of content.
. Quick access to annotations, highlights and bookmarks.
. Word search in a dictionary to be choosen among a list (local dictionary or online)

. Tag management.
. Filters by author, tags, publisher and formats.
. Sort by title, author, date on which it was added, last access date.
. List and thumbnail views.
. Word search in the personal lexicon.

. Search of a book in several online catalogs simultaneously, together with Google books.
. Opening of the downloaded book in the reader.
. Filter by category, language, bookstore.
. Review posting from the book description page.
. Book search in fulltext or multi-criterion mode.

Other reader applications :
. Supporting Adobe DRM: Aldiko, Moon+ Reader, Kobo.
. Not Supporting Adobe DRM: RepliGo, Laputa, Cool Reader, EzPDF.

What's in this version:
- Fixed: Night mode disappearance
- Fixed: Password-protected PDF files can be opened

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Software Releases • Cigarette Smoke (Ads) v1.2.1

Cigarette Smoke (Ads) v1.2.1
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview: The best smoking app now available for android, and with physics!
Open the tobacco box, pick up your cigarrete and smoke it using the phone mic to inhale.

- Realistic cigarrete box with physics, shake the phone to see them moving. (see video)
- Breath detection throught the microphone.
- Realistic Smoke

Whether just for fun or trying to quit smoking you will enjoy this smoking app.

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Software Releases • Liveview Manager 1.0.1

Liveview Manager 1.0.1
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Improve your LiveView™ experience avoiding disconnections with LiveView Manager

Improve your LiveView™ experience avoiding disconnections with LiveView Manager
Are you tired of disconnections in your Sony Ericsson LiveView™ device? The LiveView Manager will reduce connection issues and will improve your experience with the LiveView™ device.
- The application monitors the bluetooth connection with LiveView and prevents android system to kill LiveView services.
- if enabled, it starts on bluetooth activation and stops on bluetooth deactivation in order to not consume memory resources.
- The app removes annoying continuous bluetooth pair requests allowing faster reconnection of the device (this feature requires root).
Please upgrade LiveView firmware first

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Software Releases • Battery Booster v5.4

Battery Booster v5.4
Requirements: android 1.6++++++++
Overview: Battery Booster - Boost Your Battery's Running Time and Max Battery Life
Battery Booster is an all-in-one battery boosting and power management tool for both Android smartphone and tablet. It provides the most accurate battery information, keeps track of the recent battery changes, monitors battery-draining processes, and helps you deal with various battery wasting situations at ease.



*Feature details*
- Real-time battery usage tracking
Battery Booster provides real-time battery information, including battery level, battery temp, remaining battery usage time, and so on.

- Battery saving mode to save battery at all conditions
Battery Booster offers four preset battery saving modes to help you save more power. These modes watch your system performance and save battery at all possible situations. Besides, personalized modes are welcomed to be added if you need advanced battery saving techniques.

-Battery graph to track battery level/temp/voltage change
Three graphs are given in Battery Booster to track the recent three days battery information, including battery level, temp, and voltage. You can use these statistics to analyze and find out the most effective battery saving mode for yourself.

-Monitor battery consumption of each running program
Battery Booster keeps an eye on all running processes, and shows you the battery consumption ratio of each process. With this information, you will easily find out the battery-draining processes, stop or uninstall them to enhance battery life.

-Quick Settings and Homescreen widget
For easy management of daily used elements, fifteen quick control buttons are available to be added on Homescreen: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile data, Airplane, screen timeout, brightness, haptic feedback, etc. It only takes one line space to add these buttons, yet with them you will no longer need the system settings to adjust network or screen. If widget is not your choice, these buttons are available in Battery Booster settings, too.

-Task Killer to save more battery
Battery Booster saves battery by killing running background processes. For apps that you do not want to kill, you can use Whitelist Manager to protect. Furthermore, with the advanced task manager (Memory Booster - Android RAM Optimizer), Battery Booster can perform better and help you get the best battery saving results!

More Info:
Download Instructions:

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GO Power Master v2.2

GO Power Master v2.2
Requirements: Android: 2.2 and up
Overview: GO Power Master is a professional tool to help you save the power of the battery

What's new in the version

1.(New) Battery info display including status, temperature, voltage and material. Press the "power curve" button to find it.

2.(Impproved) Power consumption of GO Powe Master

3.(Fixed) Crash issues

4.(Improved) Displaying effect in some devices


GO Power Master is a professional management tool represented by GO Dev team to help you monitor and save the power of your battery.


1. Functional module management:

GO Power Master will decrease the power loss by managing the network, the radio, the brightness and other power consumed modules of your mobile phone

2. Running applications monitoring:

GO Power Master will help you to find out the most power consumed applications by precisely monitoring and analyzing the power consuming of every running application.

3. Smart power saving:

GO Power Master will smartly switch to the saving mode when the power is low or the time you set is reached.

4. Time statistics

GO Power Master will precisely calculate the time statistics for endurance, calls, video, audio, network and standby of your battery.

5. One-Touch Optimization helps you to lighten the load of your battery easily.

6. Modes help you to use the battery selectively and wisely.

7. The GO Power Master widgets provide you the way to handle the power quickly without opening the application.

8. More widgets, more functionalities with GO Launcher EX.

How to add the GO Power Master widgets?

-Long press the home screen, select “Widget” and select “GO Power Master (4*1)”. Make sure there’re enough spaces in your home screen.

-If you have already installed GOLauncher EX, you can use the cool GO Power Master GOWidgets with more functions and more effects.

Copyright © 2004-2012 All Rights Reserved.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Viper : Free Calls & Messages(2.2.1)

Viper : Free Calls & Messages(2.2.1)

August 24, 2012

Viber : Free Calls & Messages

Be Free to Communicate. Call and text anyone, anywhere.Viber lets everyone in the world connect.Freely. More than 90 million Viber users

call, text, and send photos worldwide - for free.Viber is available for Android devices and other smartphones. We are always introducing new features,

platforms and possibilities.Viber is completely free with no advertising and we value your privacy.New in Viber 2.2: you can now send free

messages to groups of friends. Share photos, links and invite more friends to join.

***WHY VIBER?***

* Best Sound Quality

* 100% Free

* Simple to Use

* Always On

* Ad Free

Download Link:
VIPER 2.2.1.apk

: Android Applications

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TTPod v3.91 official release – New Hearts online music collection, EQ Save (2012.8.24)

The first domestic high-fidelity lossless mobile music player!

TTPod committed to provide users with a better experience of listening to music with a sound, lyrics, pictures, skin, smartphones classic music player.

support android2.1 and above platform

✔ 【3.91 update instructions]

Online music new user login, add your favorite songs Hearts collection

2 the new EQ Save function to support the scale precise adjustment

3. enhance the quality of online music audition

4. repair part of the known BUG as well as details of the adjustment

✔ core function ]

Good sound quality, enjoy music charm

APE, FLAC, MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, ALAC, WAV and other audio formats. Comprehensive support

3 professional EQ equalizer settings

Massive lyrics, the latest most accurate

5. HD picture, not visual enjoyment

colorful skin, demonstrate your personality

unique horizontal screen, to enjoy the charm of theater style

8 Desktop mini (and computer)

intimate function, sleep mode, remote control, rejection songs convenient and practical

✔ [Contact Us]

More features being added, so stay tuned.

Questions and suggestions, please email:

Product exchanges and discussions, or download more skin, please visit:

Everyday sounds of the official forum

The TTPod of Sina microblogging

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Software Releases • Knots 3D v2.8.0

Knots 3D v2.8.0
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: ★ Tie, untie and rotate knots with your finger in 3D! ★

★ Tie, untie and rotate knots with your finger in 3D! ★
Knots 3D, our popular how-to knot app, will give you a whole new perspective on knots! Have you ever wondered what a knot looks like rotated 40° or maybe 90°? Or maybe you want to see what a Trilene knot or Constrictor knot looks like from the back? Use your finger to spin the knot and see how it looks from any angle in 3D!

Choose from 66 knots and see how they're tied in incredible detail. Watch the knot draw itself and pause the animation to see where the virtual rope goes in and out and around. (Something about a rabbit and a hole and a tree right? ) Zoom in on the knot to get a closer look or flip it around for another perspective. Can your old school knot app do that?!

Product Features and Functions
- Learn to tie 66 different knots
- Browse knots by category or classification
- Watch knots tie themselves and pause or adjust the speed of the animation at any time
- Rotate knots 360 degrees to view them from any angle
- Zoom in on a knot to see it in greater detail
- Interact with the knot on screen via mult-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom and swipe to advance/rewind.

Each 3D knot has detailed information including tying pointers, strength and reliability, structural info, and Ashley reference numbers (ABoK) and occasionally the history behind the knot.

The knots are arranged by both Category (Boating, Climbing, Fishing, Scouting, etc) and Class (Bend, Loop, Stopper, etc). If you find a knot you like or want to come back to later, add it to your Favorites list for quick reference.

Very Useful - ★★★★★
Great guide for knot how to's. 3D ability puts it to the top compared to others. Nice job dev's.

Nicely Done - ★★★★★
This app is really nicely done. I actually don't have much need to learn or use knots, but I am so impressed with the presentation in this app that it motivates me to want to learn them, just so I can use it. Good job!

Great App - ★★★★★
I really like this app, I have 4 knot apps, and I use this one the most. As a firefighter rope skills is a must and this app helps keep me knot prepared. The zoom and step through the knot using a finger gestures is real handy. The author updates this app with new knots often. I recommend this app.


Please contact us on our support site with requests for new knots and we will see what we can do to get them added to the app. Have fun learning knots in a whole new way!

What's new:
1. Nine new knots: Diagonal Lashing, Double Coin, Mooring Hitch, Round, Shear and Square Lashings, Trefoil, Jury Mast, Monkey's Fist
2. Several new Categories including "Recently Added" and "Lashings"
3. New rope textures
4. Removed unused/unnecessary third party libraries (i.e. Openfeint)
5. Removed unnecessary permissions (i.e. FULL INTERNET ACCESS)

- The Knots 3D team

More Info:

Software Releases • Learn Japanese Kana in 1 day! 1.0

Learn Japanese Kana in 1 day! 1.0
Requirements: 1.5 and up
Overview: Learn Japanese in just one day with Dr. Moku!

Learn Japanese in just one day with Dr. Moku!
With Dr. Moku you can master the Kana (Hiragana and Katakana; the two essential Japanese writing systems) in just one day.
The Dr. Moku system uses mnemonics to help you learn the Kana automatically and effortlessly. Mnemonics are memory tricks that use humor or a memorable personal connection to help you fix and break associations so that your brain has no choice but to remember.
Dr. Moku is the perfect solution for learning Japanese for the complete beginner, young or old. It’s the fun and foolproof way to master Japanese.
With this app its easy peasy to learn Japaneasy!
• Audio clips to help pronunciation
• 2 different Learning modes: Manual (allows you to learn at your own speed) and Autoplay (Each symbol and audio clip play in sequence)
• 3 different Quiz Modes: Easy, Hard and Master
• Quick Reference allows you to jump instantly to the screens you want to revise
• Introductory guide to learning Japanese, with pictorial examples.
Each screen presents a Japanese Kana symbol along with the mnemonic clue and the audio clip. Read the clue, listen to the clip and move on to the next one. The alternating bold colors will reset your brain so you start fresh with each new symbol, allowing you to learn without trying.
If you want to rapidly increase your learning power or just impress your friends, with Dr. Moku's Mnemonic learning system you can automatically and effortlessly learn Japanese.
With Dr. Moku you will be amazed at your ability to learn and recall.
Keywords; Learn Hiragana, Learn Katakana, Kanji, mnemonics, Japanese, Heisig, kana, language

More Info:

Software Releases • Nexus Media Importer

Nexus Media Importer
Requirements: 3.2 and up
Overview: Nexus Media Importer allows you to import and stream music, video, photos and documents from a USB flash drive or SD card connected to your Nexus 7, or other Android 3.2+ devices. This is the only non-root solution for devices that do not provide native support for external flash storage. Requires the following hardware:


More Info: Nexus Media Importer allows you to import and stream music, video, photos and documents from a USB flash drive or SD card connected to your Nexus 7, or other Android 3.2+ devices. This is the only non-root solution for devices that do not provide native support for external flash storage. Requires the following hardware:
1) An Android 3.2+ device. Examples include Google Nexus devices or the Motorola Xoom.
2) A USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable. Cost approximately $1 USD on Amazon), see screenshots for examples.
3) A USB Flash Drive or USB SD Card Reader and SD Card, see screenshots for examples.
To use:
-If you are using an SD card reader, put the card in the reader first.
-Attach the OTG cable to the Nexus or other device.
-Attach your USB device to the OTG cable.
-The application will launch automatically.
-Select the file. The selected file's path appears in the preview window (currently only photos show preview).
-Click the play icon to stream or the save (disk) icon
-If save is successful, you can click the download notification to view it or see it in the Downloads app.
Technical Notes:
-The USB drive/flash card must be formatted as FAT16 or FAT32 (not NTFS or extX). FAT is the most common formats for SD and USB Drives.
-Read Only. You can not write to the attached device, only copy to the Android device.
-This a media streamer and file copy utility. It requires third party software to view multimedia content and read documents. Many formats are supported directly by Android, but other are not. In particular, "MKV", "AVI" and most doc. types require additional software. There are many excellent free and paid apps. in the Play market. For example: market://details?
Please try the free "Nexus Photo Viewer" first. It could save me a bad review and you some cash! If you have any questions or issues, please contact me by clicking "Email Developer". I will do my best resolve your issue.
Please contact me by clicking
Coming Soon:
+Web server running icon
+File manager / folder view
V2 Features:
INTERNET permission - This app does not access the internet. This permission is required by Android to start the web server to stream video, etc. The server does not require WiFi or 3G connectivity to run, so it will work in airplane mode. The server is only accessible to the local device and cannot be seen on the internet or 3G network.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission was added for Google Analytics. I'm sampling scan time, count, type and errors. I'm using this information to improve the application responsiveness and stability. No personal information is collected.
This software is not produced by Google, which owns the Nexus trademark.

Smart Taskbar Pro v1.2.9d Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Overview: One click access to any app. Perfect multitasking experience.

 Launch any application instantly. Swipe your finger or click icon anytime in any App to bring up a mini sidebar for super fast app launching also works as app organizer, folder organizer, multi tasker, task killer, and shortcut manager.

 If you want to use your phone one handed with complete touch experience, you find Android system takes too many steps to complete one simple job, or you need a faster way to get things organized, get Smart Taskbar to make your life easier.

 Smart Taskbar is the first and origin of all similar app in this class. It is the most customizable and more complete in features. In addition, compare to others, Smart Taskbar requires way less steps, finger touch, to do what you want to do.

 Language available in: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese


 *Build custom action (Need Pro)

 Smart Taskbar doesn't just launch your installed APP, but also builds any combination of action such as direct phone call to someone or go to your bookmark for super fast without leaving your current window.

 *Super fast launcher

 Smart Taskbar is exceptionally designed to use your phone's CPU efficiently. The result is a super smooth and fast switching experience.

 *5 quick launch spots (10 Spots in Pro Version)

 Store your favorite apps or shortcut in any of the five spots for 2 steps instant access.

 *Multi Tasker (multitasking)

 Navigate to TASK label to see recent/running app in no time.

 *Task killer (need pro)

 Smart Taskbar also does task killer function to a more direct and intuitive level. Just click on any of the running app and it will be stopped instantly.

 *App organizer

 Your phone is packed with hundred of APPS? Use Smart Taskbar to create label to group them by function/usage/location.. whatever you like.


 Smart Taskbar takes widget support differently. Instead of showing your widget to Home screen, you use widget in Smart Taskbar just like launching a regular App. It is very convenient if you have too many widgets to show or you want higer security by not letting people easily see your social widgets at Home screen.

 *Quick uninstaller

 Quickly uninstall any installed app with just one finger click. No more walk through native Android settign trees for just a simple app uninstall action.

 *Quick App setting management

 One click to go to App info page for, super fast clear cache, clear data, force stop, and uninstall.

 *Changeable Theme

 Smart Taskbar now supports custom theme. Currently there are two built in themes to choose from (Default and Honeycomb style)

 V1.2.9 & 1.2.9a & 1.2.9b & 1.2.9d

 (1) Fixed various app icon sizing problem

 (2) Adjusted quick list icons evenly aligned

 (3) Fixed out of memory error bug (1.2.9b & c)

 (4) Fixed app icon is different from its real one (1.2.9b & d)

 (5) Updated for ICS and JB (1.2.9b & d)

Download Instructions:


AndFTP Pro v2.9.9.4 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Overview: Your FTP/SFTP client

 AndFTP is a FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP client. It can manage several FTP configurations.

 It comes with both device and FTP file browser. It provides download, upload, synchronization and share features with resume support. It can open, rename, delete, update permissions (chmod), run custom commands and more. SSH RSA/DSA keys support. Share from gallery is available. Intents are available for third party applications. SCP and folder synchronization are available in Pro version only.

 What's in this version:

 - Open remote file support added.

 - MediaScanner support added.

 - 'Select all' option includes folders now.

Download Instructions:


Locus Pro v2.6.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+, Luckypatcher


 Irreplaceable application for hiking, geocaching and your everyday life.

 Locus offers many useful features such as:

 - Online maps mapy (Openstreetmap - OSM, Freemap, SHOCart, MapQuest, Navigasi, Turaterkep, NzTopoMaps,

 - Offline maps (Support for formats SQLite, TAR maps, MBT maps, GEMF, Rmap)

 - Navigation (online calculation tracks)

 - Vector maps

 - WMS service

 - Track record

 - Integration of Google My Maps (reading and editing)

 - Geocaching

 - Parking

 - Weather service

 - Point of interest

 - POI alert

 - Search (by adress, coordinates, contact)

 - Custom screen (created by community)

 - Integration of GPSies, Breadcrumbs, Street View and other

 - API for developers

 - Work with KML, GPX, OpenAir, DXF formats

 - Add-ons (GeoGet database, GSAK database, Vector maps, Augmented reality, Foursquare, etc.)

 What's in this version:

 *** 2.6.0 ***

 chg: completely rewrote DataManager screen, now faster, more intuitive

 add: support for OpenStreetBugs, upload tracks to OSM server

 add: support for KML ScreenOverlay, Network link, refresh timers and more

 add: "integration" of Google Earth (ability to view track/point/points)

 chg: improved "Import dialog". Now it's faster and easier to handle importing

 fix: big improvements in handling (mainly stability) of connection to BT GPS

 and many many more


 1. Install Locus Pro and don't run.

 2. Install Lucky Patcher (Run and Custom patch!)

 3. Enjoy

 Thanks to ChelpuS

Download Instructions: