Thursday, October 4, 2012

Software Releases • Win8 Metro Testbed by Splashtop v1.0.1.1

Win8 Metro Testbed by Slashtop v1.0.1.1
Requirements: Android 3.1 and up


Enjoy Win8 on your Android tablet!

No need to spend over $1,000 to buy a Win 7 tablet in order to try out the Win 8 Metro touch experience, Splashtop is the ONLY app that allows you to experience the TRUE Windows 8 Metro UI on your Android tablet and iPad.

Please Note:
#. A PC installed with Windows 8 Release Preview is required.
#. Please visit to download the streamer and install on your computer.

★★★★★ CNET -- "I also gained a new perspective on Windows 8 as a touch-screen OS.... Windows 8 developers and other users who want to try out Microsoft's new OS on their iPads should give this app a spin."
★★★★★ PC Magazine Editor's Choice --"It's also the only app of its kind currently out there that lets you simulate Windows 8 gestures on the iPad."
★★★★★ Byte -- "if you write Windows software and you have an iPad, there's probably no reason not to get this Splashtop app."
★★★★★ Engadget -- "It seems that a good amount of effort went into this application, which offers the same swipe capabilities that will be available on a native system."
★★★★★ Time -- "I’m satisfied with the app, which provides a good sense of what it feels like to use a Windows 8 tablet."


Now with Splashtop, you can enjoy native Win 8 Metro touch gestures:
- Swipe from the right for the Charms menu
- Swipe from the left to switch apps
- Pull down from the top to close the app
- Swipe slowly from the left to run two apps side-by-side
- Pinch to do Semantic Zoom
- And many more gestures for you to explore!

If you are a new tech enthusiast, this app is the easiest way to try out the latest Windows platform. You can even make your own YouTube video to share your Win 8 Metro experience with the world.

If you are curious about how Win 8 Metro works, don’t just read the blogs. Try it! Be the first among your friends to showcase the Win 8 Metro UI.

If you are an app developer, this is a must-have app.


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Allows the app to create network sockets.


Allows the app to prevent the tablet from going to sleep. Allows the app to prevent the phone from going to sleep.


Allows the app to get the list of accounts known by the tablet. Allows the app to get the list of accounts known by the phone.


Allows the app to control the vibrator.


Allows the app to view the state of all networks.


Allows the app to view the information about the state of Wi-Fi [/u]

BeWeather & Widgets Pro v1.2.33 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: The only weather and widgets app you will ever need!

 See the current weather in stunning high definition weather animations! Contains many beautiful and highly customizable weather and clock widgets.

 ★ "The Year's Top 10 Apps for Android Phones" The New York Times 2011

 ★ "BeWeather is a drop dead gorgeous weather app that gets its data from Weather Underground." Gizmodo 2011

 ★ "BeWeather is now our go-to weather app. Period." Android Central 2011

 NEW! Use clock skins and iconsets from the popular Beautiful Widgets¹ app!

 The #1 best selling and award winning BerryWeather for BlackBerry is now finally coming to Android!

 BeWeather Pro brings a ton of customization options to modify its looks, widgets, notification settings and default weather parameters. Set custom background images or stick with the eye-candy high definition animations portraying current weather conditions.

 *** BeWeather Pro will download an additional 25 MB of resources after installation (saved in external/sd memory) ***

 BeWeather 1.2 with support for ICS will be released very soon. Want to help beta test?


 - 100% Ad-Free

 - Weather data provided by Weather Underground, includes 7 day and hourly forecasts

 - Visually stunning display of weather information using high definition animations

 - Fully customizable clock and weather widgets in multiple sizes. Comes with 150+ FREE iconsets!

 - Support for skins and iconsets from the popular Beautiful Widgets¹ app!

 - Support for iconsets from the popular Fancy Widgets² app!

 - More accurate conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location

 - Dynamic Google Maps based animated radar and satellite maps (US only)

 - Automatically track your location via GPS/cell

 - Temperature notification in statusbar

 - Automatically refresh weather on widgets at preset interval or when your phone is unlocked

 - Instant weather advisory notifications (US only) via push technology (Android 2.2 and higher)

 - Built-in animated radar maps (US only)

 - Replace/extend the default radar maps with your preferred weather service's radar maps!

 - Get more accurate conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location

 - Add custom web cams and other media links (weather radio, video, HTML etc)

 - Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase

 - Completely customize BeWeather using fonts and colors

 ¹Beautiful Widgets is a trademark of LevelUp Studio and is in no way affiliated with Bellshare

 ²Fancy Widgets is a trademark of Android Does and is in no way affiliated with Bellshare

 What's in this version:

 Version 1.2.33

 - Improved location update times / updates hanging

 - Added more information to daily forecast icons in landscape mode on tablets

 - Fixed forecast bar opening on device orientation change

 - Fixed FC opening weather alerts

 - Fixed FC when opening maps

 - Fix for potential FC when adding a widget

 - Fix for potential FC when opening app

 - Fix for potential FC when opening location manager

 - Fix for potential FC when downloading icons

 - Fix for potential FC when tapping widget

Download Instructions:

 Cracked version


 BeWeather & Widgets Pro v1.2.33 + Luckypatcher (if the above version doesn't work):


Premium Widgets & Weather v1.2.3 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: Widgets are beautiful. Premium Widgets are AWESOME!

 High quality Widgets and Weather app. Digital Clock with Weather, additional skins, HD animations!

 Premium Widgets includes a forecast widget, a small clock widget, and a choice of premium clocks, all supporting changeable, additional skins.

 With just a touch, the app enters full screen mode, including a detail page with beautiful weather HD animations. Other features include choice of weather service, location-aware weather, weather by city name, and automatic language detection.

 Main Features:

 - 3 Different Premium Clocks with weather

 - Small Clock and weather

 - 3-day weather forecasts

 - over 40 fancy weather icons!

 - Special effects (rain drops, sunshine, clouds)

 - Supports unlimited additional skins

 - Full Screen HD weather animations (night & day)

 - 2 weather services

 - Works with city name or GPS

 Beta testers and reviewers told us that Premium Widgets is among the best apps on Android Market:

 "I love your HD widgets"

 "Weather animation are really great, you should include a Live Wallpaper as well"

 "Wow! stunning graphics!"

 "Beautiful, really beautiful widgets"

 "Pizero Design you done a great job"

 "Brilliant themes!"

 If you like this app, please leave a positive, 5 star review. It's really important and it will help making the app ever more beautiful in future! Suggestions for future versions are welcome!

 If you have any problem with this app, don't leave a bad review which never helps, but contact us instead. We will do our best to solve the issue immediately!

 What's in this version:

 - New! 4x4 full page widget with hourly forecast

 - New! Weather detail page with pressure, visibility, cloud cover, precipitation and more!

 - Various small improvements

 - fixed previous issue with widget update

 - Coming soon: new city search, user manual, live wallpaper.

Download Instructions:


Pocket Informant-Events,Tasks v2.07.6088 Apk App

Requirements: Android OS 2.0 +

Overview: Calendar, GTD Tasks - all in one. The best selling PIM on mobile now on Android!

 Pocket Informant® is an integrated calendaring and GTD®-based tasks solution for Android. Our purpose is to fuse together best-of-class calendaring with best-of-class tasks into one great solution.

 Here are some of our current top features:

 ❖ Full-featured events management integrated with Android Calendar plus a separate PI Calendar

 ❖ Month, Day, Week, Column Week View, Agenda, and Task views

 ❖ Swipe between Months, Days, and Weeks

 ❖ Getting-Things-Done® (GTD®) management of tasks

 ❖ Pre-made filters to quickly find active, due, undated, overdue, and completed tasks

 ❖ Starring (flagging) tasks

 ❖ Both events and tasks can be displayed in 2 different day views, 6 week views, agenda view and month view

 ❖ Plain list and grouped (by category, context, folder, action, status) task views for tasks

 ❖ Optional category (for events and tasks) and status (for tasks only) filters in main views

 ❖ Templates for events and tasks (including default templates for new items)

 ❖ Ability to show/hide different Android calendars

 ❖ Optional timebars and mini-text (event details displayed directly in calendar grid) views for events month view

 ❖ Custom time/date selection controls for easy task/event modification and navigation in main view (including all month view features including mini-text in date selector)

 ❖ Easily accessible commands for events or tasks directly from main views (assign category, move between calendars, move to a different date, context, folder etc.)

 ❖ Highly configurable interface (with over 100 different options)

 ❖ Configurable event and task edit dialogs (with ability to show/hide all event/task fields)

 ❖ Search and notifications integration with standard Android services

 ❖ Ability to assign colors to each individual event or task, category, calendar, different task statuses, work and free days etc.

 ❖ Optional auto-deletion of completed tasks (on deletion or after certain period of time)


 ❖ Uses the Android Calendar Database

 ❖ Sync does not work on Samsung Galaxy S due to Samsung customizations

 ❖ Syncs with Toodledo.


 Proper task management is essential, but it’s only part of the picture.

 Pocket Informant is a full featured PIM, so it lets you focus on everything you do in a day - not just your task list. We believe bringing your appointments and tasks together in one place is more efficient than working in isolated calendar and task management systems. Pocket Informant is designed to not force you into any one method of doing things - use our Task View as rigidly or freely as you want, using GTD principles, Franklin Covey, or your own system.

 For years, these and numerous other features have made Pocket Informant a must-have application for school teachers, soccer moms, salesmen and executives alike.

 What's in this version:



 - Auto-sync interval for all sync accounts reduced to 30 minutes

 - Long initial sync with PI Online failing fixed

 - 4:3 tables screens support added

 - WDS sync stability improved

 - Recurring all-day events sync and modifications fixed

 - Other fixes

Download Instructions:


Software Releases • Wifi Crack Test v2.0.2

Wifi Crack Test v2.0.2
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
Overview: "Wifi Crack Test" is an application that detects Wifi networks, and also provides information about how to improve their security. "Wifi Crack Test" provide information for you about how to Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s either WEP or WPA.

This knowledge is provided only for Security Tests over your own Wifi. Remember, do not use this application with other network than yours, this application is only a security tester.

More Info:

Software Releases • Tigers Live Wallpaper v1.0

Tigers Live Wallpaper v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
Overview: If you're looking for an exquisite live wallpaper inspired by some of the most beautiful wild animals, Tigers Live Wallpaper is the perfect choice for you! Enrich your phone with the loveliest images of white and Bengal tigers and enjoy their beauty any time!

- Perfect live wallpaper for Android!
- Interactive background-Tap anywhere on the screen and new tigers will appear!
- Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
Enjoy this lovely, free and useful live wallpaper!

More Info:

Software Releases • Rose Forest Live Wallpaper v1

Rose Forest Live Wallpaper v1
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview: Rose Forest Live Wallpaper
The sparkling glitter that can be changed is so pretty on the phone!

Welcome all! This is a brand new live wallpaper no one else on the market has anything like this!
This adorable completely interactive live wallpaper is so pretty and looks fantastic on any phone. You will see a random display of sparkling stars. And you will see once you swipe your finger across the screen a trail of sparkling stars will linger over the screen. You can change the color of the glitter to any color you wish to have you can tweak the colors to pick just the perfect one to match the picture behind the stars or you can choose just a regular old joe color. You can choose from 3 sizes of glitter small, medium or large. You can choose the frequency of the glitter that appears on the screen from fast, medium speed or slow. You can enable or turn off the option to have the touch feature for the trail of sparkles on the screen and you can enable or turn off the option for the random popping up glitter. There is a battery performance setting. I have the Samsung Galaxy s3 phone and its very powerful so the glitter sort of goes all over the place. I find it best works for my powerful phone on the power saving mode.

This is a premium live wallpaper, in order to keep it free we have installed ads in it.
You can optout the ads from the links provided in the ads
To delete the icons just hold your finger on them and drag to the trash can to delete.
You can request a paid version if you wish to buy the app ad free

This app has ads

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Software Releases • Beejive IM - Instant Messenger v4.2.3

Beejive IM - Instant Messenger v4.2.3
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Instant message, chat, & IM on AIM, Yahoo, GTalk, MySpace, Jabber, Facebook, MSN


Instant Messaging Anywhere - chat with all your IM friends in one app!

BeejiveIM Instant Messenger! Chat on AIM / iChat, Windows Live Messenger / MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook, Jabber, MySpace, and ICQ! BeejiveIM is an all-in-one instant messaging app that allows you to message all your IM buddies anywhere you go!

See what reviewers are saying:

"With support for just about every major IM protocol we ever find ourselves using alongside things like voice/image transfers, Beejive was already our IM client of choice... Background notifications really just sealed the deal, and anything else they’ve added was just frosting on the already delicious cake."
-- TechCrunch

"Overall, after testing various IM apps, Beejive is by far my favorite. The interface is slick and beautiful."
-- Wired

"BeejiveIM is an incredibly full-featured IM client, boasting capabilities that almost put it on par with desktop IM clients."
-- Macworld

"Beejive IM is one of those mobile multi-network chat clients that's a joy to use--it's fast, graphically rich, and just works."

"BeejiveIM is a feature rich, multiprotocol instant messaging client that blows the pants off any other chat program offered in the App Store."

Key Instant Messaging Features:
* Save Money: Chat using your existing data plan, no per-message charges.
* Reliable and Efficient: Be connected 24/7 and it's gentle on your battery.
* Push Notifications: Be connected even after you close the app. Get notified instantly when you get a new message (requires OS 2.2+).
* Stay Connected: Works with multiple instant messaging networks and multiple accounts per network: AIM®/iChat, MSN®, Yahoo!®, Google Talk®, Facebook Chat, Jabber, and MySpace IM.
* Share Files: Send and receive files, including pictures and voice notes.
* Universal Interface: Optimized for both tablets and phones.
* Highly Customizable: Choose your color theme, chat wallpaper, buddy list styles, and more!
* No Sign-Up Required: Just sign in with your existing IM accounts, no need to sign up for anything!

Chatting Features:
* Real-time Chats: Quickly switch between multiple simultaneous chats.
* Group Chats: Chat with multiple buddies in one conversation on AIM, Yahoo, GTalk, MSN / Windows Live, and Jabber.
* Send Text Messages: Send text messages to anyone in your phone book through AIM or Yahoo SMS out (requires AIM or Yahoo account).
* Full Unicode Support: Chat in any language supported by your Android device.
* Landscape Option: Type with a larger keyboard.
* Save Chats: Email your chats to save your chat history.
* Hyperlink Support: Automatically parses links for web pages, YouTube videos, email addresses, twitter usernames, and phone numbers.
* Emoticons Support.

Account & Buddy Features:
* Full Featured Buddy List: Sort, group, and easily search through your buddy list.
* Buddy Pounce: Receive an alert when your friends come online.
* Manage Your Buddies: Including support for add/remove, nicknames, groups, block, and approve/deny requests.
* Control Your Availability: Set auto-away and custom status messages, be invisible, change privacy controls.
* Configurable Alerts: Customizable sound and vibrate settings.
* Buddy Icons: View your friends' icons, set your own.

Beejive's reliable and efficient networking has been tested and proven on multiple platforms. Move from cellular and wifi connections seamlessly. Stay connected after you close the application and be notified when you get a new message through push notifications (OS 2.2+). After being out of coverage BeejiveIM automatically reconnects and picks up where you left off.

BeejiveIM uses your phone's existing data plan or wifi connection, so you can save money by reducing your text messages.

What's in this version:
- fix for Yahoo & MSN authorization errors on login
- Various bug fixes & enhancements
New in version 4!
- brand spanking new design!
- new interface for all tablets!
- added buddy online alerts (buddy pounce)
- new SMS style text input in chats
- added new sound and vibration alerts in settings
- improved viewing of file transfer files
- compact buddy list option
- ton of bug fixes & stability improvements!

This app has NO advertisements

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