Friday, September 21, 2012

Software Releases • RD3 HD - Groovebox v1.5.3

RD3 HD - Groovebox v1.5.3
Requirements: 2.1+ Screen resolution 800×480 (WVGA) or higher and 800 MHz CPU or faster supporting ARMv7
Overview: Use your Android phone or tablet as a musical instrument and make your own electronic music tracks!
Recreate the sound of early electronic dance music with the RD3 HD – Groovebox that recalls two 303-style analog synthesizers, a drum machine plus reverb, distortion, phaser, filter and delay audio effects!


Developed in Berlin, RD3 HD - Groovebox is a pioneering audio app that lets you program your own grooves. This multi-touch enabled app makes it simple to invent unique loops and manipulate them with resonant filters and effects on the go.

Appropriate both for experienced musicians and novices.

Use it for live performances in landscape mode on phones and 7-inch tablets or use the additional special rack view on 10-inch tablets in portrait mode.

RD3 HD is optimized for Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.X (Honeycomb) and Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Loops you've created and exported with the Groovebox can also be automatically integrated into mikrosonic's audio mixer app SPC - Music Sketchpad.


Channel mixer/sequencer:

Volume control with level meter
4 bars with 16 steps per instrument
3 play modes: Solo, loop or random
Channel mute

Two virtual analog synthesizers:

4 types of waveforms for each synth
Reminiscent of the legendary 303 synthesizer
High-quality or regular filter modes
Real-time step sequencer for each synth
Free assignable audio effects

Drum machine with:

10 drum kits: 808, 909, 606, CR-78, Linn, KR55, RX11, RZ1, DMX, DPM48
Channel mute
Punch control for volume and envelope adjustments
Accent programmable for each drum channel
Free assignable effects for each drum sound
Real-time step sequencer

Audio effects:

Reverb, distortion, filter, phaser and delay
Real-time controllable
X/Y control field for each effect
4 effect sends
Chaining of 2 effects

Technical features:

Special rack view in portrait mode for 10-inch tablets
Multi-touch control
Live session recording
Audio loop export feature
SoundCloud Sharing Kit integration
Session save capability
Cut/copy/paste pattern
OpenSL support

What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 25, 2012)

Fix for Nexus 7 tablets: Adaptation for the new tvdpi screen density

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Software Releases • Dream Sounds v1.0.3

Dream Sounds v1.0.3
Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: Relaxing sounds to help you sleep, meditate and de-stress.
The number one selling sleep aid app from BlackBerry now even better on Android. Over 250,000 downloads and over 1000 positive reviews.


Image Image

This paid version includes:

12 new sounds including: Babbling stream, Crickets and Frogs, Formula 1, Howling Gale, Stream under a Bridge, Vacuum Cleaner, Waterfall, White Noise, Wind Chimes, Wood Fire and 2 types of rain.
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Each sound has been professionally mastered and seamlessly looped to create a perfect audio environment for relaxation and sleep. Soundscapes include:

Waves on a beach - Relax and listen to the waves roll in as the sun goes down.
City Noise - Let the sounds of Tokyo city at night gently lull you to sleep.
Crickets and Frogs - The dusk chorus of crickets and frogs in South Africa will soothe and calm your spirit.
Waterfall - Lounge by this beautiful waterfall and let your stress wash away. Perfect for Tinnitus sufferers.
Wind Chimes - Imagine yourself in a Thai temple, with a gentle wind blowing through these long tubular chimes.

Other sounds include torrential rain, kitten purring, rain on a tent, thunder storm, tropical rainforest, white noise (to really block out the outside world) and many more..


Over 20 high quality, seamlessly looped sounds
Beautiful photos of each sound
Timer function
Linear fade out gently changes sound volume while you drift off to sleep

Dream Sounds has been proven to help children sleep as well. Just choose a sound (Wind Chimes is great) and set the timer to help your little one calm down before going to sleep.

What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 29, 2012)

Updated the button style to make it nicer :)

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GO Backup Pro v2.0 build 3 (Premium) Apk App

Requirements: Android v2.1+

Overview: Backup all your contacts,messages and apps. Simple, fast, stable, safe.

 Official backup app developed by GO Dev team.

 =About GO Backup Pro=

 New GO Backup!

 Backup all your contacts,messages and apps. Simple, fast, stable, safe.

 Official backup app developed by GO Dev team.

 Main Features:

 -Backup contacts,messages,GO launcher settings, system setting and apps;

 -Backup apps data(needs ROOT);

 -Hide annoying app installation interface when restore apps(needs ROOT);

 -Cloud Backup supported, sync to Dropbox.

 Recent changes:

 1. Fix the bug of crashing when cloud backup canceled

 2. Fix the bug of app size on 4.0

 Latest version: 2.0 ()

 Note: all premium features enabled.

Download Instructions:


GO Weather EX v2.7 (Premium) Apk App

Requirements: Android v2.1+

Overview: To Be Your Best Weather Prophet Forever!

 GO Weather EX supports tens of thousands of cities around the world. It delivers the most accurate weather information from anywhere at any time. The gorgeous dynamic background brings you the ultimate visual enjoyment.

 What's new in the version

 1.(New)You can change the themes of Application, Widget and GOWidget.(For premium version)

 2.(New)Support ten-days forecast.(For premium version)

 3.(New)Change between day and night by the sunrise and sunset time.

 4.(New)Japanese is supported.

 5.(New)Spain is supported.

 6.(Fixed)It may get crashed when automatic positioning

 To Be Your Best Weather Prophet Forever!

 GO Weather EX supports tens of thousands of cities around the world. It delivers the most accurate weather information from anywhere at any time. The gorgeous dynamic background brings you the ultimate visual enjoyment.

 The widget in the screenshot is the GOWidget. You can download the GO Launcher EX to use it.

 The systerm widget will come soon!

 gorgeous dynamic background brings you the ultimate visual enjoyment.


 -Themes supported

 -Weather detail today

 -The weather condition in the next 24 hours

 -The weather forecast for the next 5 days

 -Dynamic Background

 -Support GO Launcher Widget(GOWidget)

 -Auto refresh

 If you have any suggestion and problem, Please let us know by sent email to

 Owned by and visit through your mobile.

 Copyright 2004-2012 All Rights Reserved.

 Recent changes:

 1.(New) Add the tomorrow forecast. You can open it in the settings

 2.(New) New three languages, German, Russian and Italian.

 3.(Improve)The dynamic background will change day and night by the world clock.(Premiun version)

 4.(Fixed)The notification bar problem

 5.(Fixed)The Widget may display the "00:00"

 Less description »

 Latest version: 2.7 (, supports App2SD)

 Note: all premium features enabled.

Download Instructions:


A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.7.1 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: An intelligent keyboard with revolutionary context-sensitive text prediction, auto-correction, auto-learning, undo/redo/navigation capabilities and cool (and customizable!) skins (WP7, Win 8 and iPhone for instance).

 Out of the box, the keyboard provides English prediction only at the moment, but it learns any language you use! (add your local language in the settings, if it's not there by default).

 Psychic word completions and predictions are generated by A.I.type’s servers on the Cloud. When the device is offline or Internet connection is too slow, or if you disabled Cloud-based prediction, word suggestions will be generated by the device only.

 The keyboard also learns your unique words and style of writing (MyType). Just type your texts normally and it will keep learning. The learning model is stored on the device itself and is NOT shared with our servers.

 Privacy notice: while installing A.I.type Keyboard, you will receive a warning message about collecting sensitive data. This is the standard general-purpose Android message issued for any downloaded keyboard and it does not pertain to A.I.type. Our keyboard DOES NOT COLLECT YOUR SENSITIVE DATA.

 Personal request: if you like our keyboard - please be kind and give us 5 stars in the Market (“four is more but five – and we thrive!”), plus a nice comment. If you don't like us - please let us know why (, and we urge you to hold yourself from rating us low. We are working hard to make it a great keyboard, and there are many challenges in the way... We are very responsive and appreciative to feedback and comments, and answer every message (if you provide contact details, of course).

 Key features:

 * Suggests your next word!

 * Completes your current word!

 * Corrects your spelling as you type!

 * Auto corrects your typos when you hit the spacebar (context-sensitive)!

 * Automagically learns your common words and style. We call it - MyType (beta!)

 * Supports unique skins (Win Phone 7 skin, iPhone skin, large buttons skin and more).

 * Allows skin customization - colors, background images etc.

 * Includes a layout for undo/redo/copy/paste/navigation and more.

 On our agenda:

 * Prediction in other languages (recommendations?)

 * Learning from SMS messages on start-up

 A.I.type's revolutionary text prediction will speed up your writing by saving more than 75% of your keystrokes. You choose entire words instead of typing one letter at a time. A.I.type is great for your emails, SMS messages, chats, social network communications etc.

 With A.I.type, the word you’re looking for will often appear in the list without typing even a single letter! Practically any word appears with just one or two keystrokes. This ability comes from A.I.type’s patent pending technology which understands what you’re typing and helps you quickly and easily find just the word you were looking for.

 In addition, when you type fast and make typos as you go, A.I.type auto-corrects your words, and – being sensitive to the context – it does it well!

 Because A.I.type keeps improving, it’s recommended that you allow the auto-update feature to run so you’ll always have the latest version.

 Add Shift+backspace for Del operation

 Support Emoji plug-in (Available soon!)

 Improve Korean keyboard

 Improved Czech keyboard.

 New setting for phone keyboard to change numbers order.

 Bug fixes

 New in 1.9

 Talking option, reads words as you type. Visually Impaired Talking theme is also available!

 New top row with numeric\symbols\navigation keys

 Auto-corrections preview on spacebar

 Supporting ICS’s new voice input


 Please uninstall previous version first, you can directly download and install the language pack which you want from google play

Download Instructions:


Poweramp Dark Metallic Theme v1.2

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: This is skin pack for Poweramp 2.0. This is not a music player. Please install Poweramp at first.

This new theme will make your Poweramp looks like oldschool player with metal controls.


Filter Work LiveWallpaper v1.0

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: This is the one and only beautiful photo live wallpaper.


Autumn Lake Live Wallpaper v1.01

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: 24 hour dynamic live wallpaper.

Stunning fall colors of the forest trees reflecting in the calm relaxing waves of the lake. Flowers and grass in the foreground, birds in the air and a live sky with clouds, sun and moon depending on the time. Supports horizontal scrolling on all devices.