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Software Releases • Beautiful relax islands HD LWP v1.06

Beautiful relax islands HD LWP v1.06
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: The best Relax live wallpaper you've ever seen!!!


Image Image

Various effects like:
- Mooving clouds,
- Birds(school)
- Moving isles (Speed control)
- Improoved HD graphics
- Animated dog
- Animated bicycle
- Animated kite
- Animated twinkling of stars
- Animated meteorite
- Low battery consumption

Harmony Live wallpaper pleasing to the eye, soothing and promote relaxation.
Optimized for TABLET PC and Andoid phones.

More Info:

Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler v4.6.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up

Overview: Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler. Pattern based music composition

 Programmable drum machine.

 GET free sound Paks from the market or from my website.

 ● WAV file import - Load YOUR OWN SAMPLES from SDCARD. Long press a sound button to bring up the sample loading dialog.

 Use my Sonic Chop app (sold separate) to chop samples from MP3's on your device and load them right into Electrum!

 ● Use samples and loops to make beats and songs.

 ● Preview samples LIVE while the machine is playing, they will mix right into the beat.

 ● Real time playback and editing - no waiting for sound to render before you hear your changes!

 ● Look at the MENU for more options such as ability to save and load your own custom drumkits - once you've loaded the sounds you like unto the pads and adjusted them you can save the settings as a drumkit, separate from the patch itself!

 ● RECORD samples with the microphone.

 ● Stretch loops to fit the current project BPM.

 ● Edit a sample's start and end point, pitch and pan Left/Right.

 ● Use other time signatures such as 3/4, 6/8, etc.

 ● Add some swing to your beats with the SHUFFLE setting.

 ● Add Delay and Distortion FX to your samples

 ● Sample accurate playback engine.

 ● WAV/MIDI/Pad Export-load your song into Fruityloops!

 ● Sharing - install the Soundcloud app from the market and you can share beats right to soundcloud (see Electrum's Menu->More->Share)

 Electrum has 8 sounds and you can program up to 32 patterns. A full sequencer allows you to string the patterns together into songs or longer beats. You can also play patterns "live", switching them as the machine is playing.

 For multitouch devices, Electrum has a multitouch pad dialog as well (See Menu->Play Multitouch pads) where you can play just like an MPC by hitting the pads.


 HTC WILDFIRE IS TOO SLOW OF A DEVICE TO run Electrum effectively. Sorry, upgrade your device, it's just too slow (523Mhz only).

 Please NOTE: The pads on the main screen are not designed to play real time because they are not multitouch. Use the multitouch pads for that.

 Also check out my ReLoop music sequencer, which allows you to sequence loops just like Garageband or Sony's ACID.


 PHONE STATE/IDENTITY - used to stop playing if a phone call comes in. IDENTITY is NOT used for anything and it not read at all.

 SDCARD WRITE/READ - used to read sound files, and to save settings, patches, and drummkits

 What's in this version:

 4.6.0- added copy / paste buttons to sample dialog, this allows you to spread a sample across the pads quicker than having to load it over and over. Helpful if you want to load a sample that you want to build a melody or such with, such as stabs, piano, etc.

Download: Released by chathu_ac

Delayed Lock v2.7.4 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

Overview: Not using any pattern-, PIN- or password-lock is a huge security problem, but reentering your PIN a hundred times a day can also be annoying. DelayedLock is a solution to this problem: After unlocking your phone, it will turn the lock screen off for a user defined amount of time.

 You can turn your phone off and on as often as you want without entering your password/PIN/pattern again. After a certain time, it will automatically reactivate your lockscreen, so no stranger can access your personal data.

 Additionally, there is also a notification in the Android status bar and a widget to immediately reenable the lock screen.


 Free trial version is available to test the app with your phone (search for 'DelayedLock Trial'). PLEASE TEST IT BEFORE BUYING!

 I can't respond to comments here, so if you have any problem, please contact me through the app or my website!!


 Main Features:

 - Delayes the requirement to enter pattern/PIN/password again after succesfully unlocked once

 - Delay since 'Screen off' or since 'Last unlock'

 - Ability to show a simple slider lockscreen when pattern/PIN/password lock is currently disabled

 - Delay & customize the simple slider lock

 - Quickly re-enable the lock through the Android notification bar or a widget

 - Widgets & Shortcuts: Toggle Lock, Screen off, Screen off & Lock, Start Simple Lock

 - Upgradable with free plugins: Unlock with WiFi, Bluetooth or location based and remote activate lockscreen via SMS

 - compatible with HTC Sense & WidgetLocker, should also work with Tasker & Locale (untested, see Support-Thread)

 - music controls on simple lockscreen (works with Spotify, Winamp, Google Music and more)



 - Revoke admin permission to be able to uninstall!

 - FAQ at

 - Remove exchange PIN on a rooted device:

 - Incompatible with NoLED & some other apps -> test the trial version before!


 Legal information: I do not guarantee that your device's data is unaccessible and will not be responsible for any damage you or your company may get because of an unlocked device. Please check if the usage of the app is compatible with the security policy of your company.



 WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - needed to save log files on SD card

 DISABLE_KEYGUARD - needed when using the "hide lockscreen" method

 CHECK_LICENSE - needed for validating the market license

 WRITE_SETTINGS - needed to change display timeout on simpleLockscreen

 ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - also needed for license validation

 VIBRATE - needed for "vibrate when locking" feature

 What's in this version:

 Help translating the app! More information at


 - updated translations

 - UI improvements

 - fix: su not found

 - added warning if usb debugging is enabled

 - minor fixes

Download: Released by chathu_ac

Brainwave Tuner (Full Version) v3.9 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up

Overview: Brainwave Tuner - Just put on the earphones and let Brainwave Tuner turn you on!

 Want to relax? Meditate? Learn faster? Focus attention? Increase your awareness? Try self-hypnosis? Just put on the earphones and let Brainwave Tuner turn you on.

 Brainwave Tuner is a brain wave stimulation application that generates tones with binaural beats, which can change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention.

 20 Preset Sound Patterns in 3 categories are included in Brainwave Tuner Full Version!

 Sleep and Healing

 - Headache Therapy: Helps alleviating headaches with a mixture of steady low theta (5Hz) and mid-alpha (10Hz) waves.

 - Sleep Induction: Gently slows the brain frequency down to 3Hz delta wave, which usually occurs in a deep sleep thus to gradually induce one's sleepiness.

 - Edge of Consciousness: Discover the true meaning of life and consciousness with this track taking you to the very edge of the conscious mind.

 - Earth Peace Night: This is an Earth Meditation track that helps relax and mediate.

 - High Frequencies: Generates very high-frequency sounds which, according to scientific

 - Ocean Waves: This preset demonstrates the most basic noise-modulation effect: ocean waves.

 Meditation and Relaxation

 - Meditation: Concentrating on this tone helps quickly attaining a meditative state of mind.

 - Schumann Resonance: Helps meditating with a steady 7.83Hz alpha tone. This is also the resonance of the Earth's magnetic field, making it a very natural meditative frequency.

 - Relaxation: Helps to relax with a basic sweep from a regular beta wave (15Hz) down to a low alpha wave (7Hz), in order to save you from certain intense strain.

 - Self-hypnosis: Helps getting into a self-hypnotic state. The user should listen to the repeating sound and concentrate on it. The key to a successful self-hypnosis lies in being able to concentrate on something.

 - Shoveling Sands: The sounds, clear and lively, are generated with an irregular modulation phase of -30 degrees, which brings you a happy mood.

 - Rain and Windshield Wipers: Through this track you can experience the joyful moment in a rainy day.

 Focus and Learning

 - Attention Increase: Helps focusing by bringing the brain to a high beta frequency. The frequency is lowered briefly once every 15 seconds to keep the brain more receptive.

 - Intelligent Increase: This 10Hz alpha tone helps increase the blood flow in the brain, promote dendrite and synapse growth, increase IQ points and cognitive abilities...

 - Creativity Enhancing: Induces a state of enhanced creativity with three varying theta tones.

 - The Awakened Mind: Attempts to induce a brain state that is often described as beyond normal meditates states, being characteristic to advanced mediators who want to attain higher levels of enlightenment.

 - Schumann Mix: Helps meditating with a mixture of various frequencies including Schumann Resonance, about to enhance the latter's effect.

 - Quick Mental Refresher: A quick way to refresh yourself mentally. It brings the brain frequency down to a 10Hz alpha wave while brings it back up to a 15Hz beta wave at the end.

 - Learning Aid I (for subliminal): Helps to learn and memorize new materials when listened to for learning something.

 - Learning Aid II (for studying): Helps to learn and memorize new materials when listened to for learning something.

 What's in this version:

 - 6 new items added to the Full Version;

 - Supports Japanese Language

Download: Released by chathu_ac 


Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Overview: Go ONLINE for head-to-head match up against the BASEBALL SLUGGERS in the world!


Go ONLINE for head-to-head match up against the BASEBALL SLUGGERS in the world!

*** Over 10 MILLION downloads, more than 300M online match-ups!

*** The Best of the Best Apps Awards Winner

*** Nominated as IMGA's Best Game

Are you prepared to be the next batter up?

Real-time Online Matchup, Homerun Battle 3D!!

With one tap, connect online to get on a 1-on-1 homerun matchup game against your rival friends and family.

### Com2uS Hub Connection Notice ###

- You can play after guest/hub login.

- Guest play does not require membership, and Com2uS hurb membership can be acquired through login page.

- For further inquiries, please refer to 'help' within the game.
More Info:
Download Instructions:

Android Booster v

Android Booster v
Requirements: Android Booster v
Overview: Get the BEST Android Optimizer for FREE!Get the BEST Android Boosterfor FREE!Boost your phone’s speed to optimize performance with Android Booster!



--Phone Optimization--

-- One-click optimization to boost Android phone’s speed

-- Auto Optimization: Works behind the scene and even under locked screen to kill tasks that slow down your Android phone to boost your RAM. The result? Your browser pages load faster andyour apps run at optimal speed.

--Task manger: Closes battery & memory hogging apps that run in the background with simply one click.

--App Manager--

--Monitors all running apps in real-time

--Displaysapp’s access rights and size information

--Uninstalls apps with one click to immediately increase memory

--Network Manager--

--Shows which apps are using your Wi-Fi/mobile network

-- Monitors phone traffic

-- Data monitor helps avoidingdata usageso you don’t goover monthly plan limits

--File Manger--

--Manages& deletes files on your SD card

-- Renames&moves files/folders

--Virus Scanner & Privacy Protector--

-- Enjoy more comprehensive protection from NQ Mobile.
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Download Instructions:

Critter Escape v1.0

Critter Escape
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: What do you do if you're a pint-sized glob of muck who's being poked and prodded by mad scientists? ESCAPE!

Product Features

Fast-paced 3D Maze Chase Game

120+ Levels with 10 Distinct Environments

Includes Easy Line-Draw Controls & Classic Arcade Controls

Unique Challenges, Bonus Levels, & Hidden Content

Product Description

What do you do if you're a pint-sized glob of muck who's being poked and prodded by mad scientists? ESCAPE! Race through top secret labs, sneak past guards and evade capture as you find your way out of Welk Industries' classified Muck Testing Facility. Do your part for Muck-kind and help guide this lively little critter to freedom. And don't forget to take out a few Welk goons while you're at it!

Critter Escape is a fast-paced Maze Chase game developed for iOS and Android by Kiz Studios. The hero is a clever little Muck Critter who is fleeing the diabolical experiments of Welk Industries’ Muck Science Division. Players must guide the critter safely out of Welk Tower, navigating dangerous traps while avoiding the watchful eye of the Welk Guard.

More Info:


Download: Released by NightmareMan

Software Releases • Hotspot Shield VPN v0.5.2

Hotspot Shield VPN v0.5.2
Requirements: Android 2.0 - 4.1
Overview: FREE VPN for your Android Device! with Unlimited Bandwidth!


Currently supports Android 2.x/4x OS devices only.
Hotspot Shield for Android provides the same great features as our popular desktop software which has been downloaded 60 million times:
PROVIDES INTERNET SECURITY & PRIVACY: protect yourself in Wi-Fi hotspots (VPN encrypts all traffic); protect your identity and your IP address to stop unwanted tracking.
GIVES YOU ACCESS to your favorite sites: Unblock any blocked content and services--get Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Flickr and other sites wherever you are.
BLOCKS & NOTIFIES you of spam, phishing and rogue websites. (ELITE subscription* only)

SAVES YOU $$$: Hotspot Shield Bandwidth Compression speeds up browsing and shows you how much you saved on your data plan. Hotspot Shield has already saved 37 million MB of bandwidth for its mobile users. (ELITE subscription only)
OFFER MARKETPLACE: Gives you opportunity to download apps, complete easy offers and surveys to get Hotspot Shield ELITE for Android or desktop and hundreds of other items like gift cards and Facebook credits absolutely free!
*Monthly and Annual ELITE Subscriptions Available. All subscriptions provide Unlimited VPN Bandwidth and No Ads.

NOTE: Before starting Hotspot Shield VPN - if you have other installed VPN clients, please be sure that they are disconnected.
NOTE: If you see the "Uninstall" button on the application main screen and if you plan to uninstall the app - please tap on this button to uninstall the application. If there is no "Uninstall" button on the screen - please use your usual way to uninstall application.
Note: Application doesn't work on Amazon Kindle.

More Info:

K-9 Mail v4.301 (K9Mail) Apk App

Requirements: All Android v2.1+

Overview: K-9 Mail is an open-source e-mail client with search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, mail on SD & more!

 K-9 Mail is an open-source e-mail client with search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, mail on SD & more!

 K-9 supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007 (with WebDAV).

 K-9 is a community developed project. If you're interested in helping to make the best email client on Android even better, please join us! You can find our bugtracker, source code, mailing list and wiki at

 We're always happy to welcome new developers, designers, documenters, bug triagers and friends.

 If you're having trouble with K-9, please report a bug at rather than just leaving a one-star review. We don't mind you telling the world that you're frustrated, but if you use our bug tracker, we have a better chance of fixing whatever's giving you a hard time.

 You can find K-9's release notes at:

 (People sometimes call K-9: K9, K9 Mail, K-9 Email, K9 Email, K9 E-Mail, k9mail or k9email.)

 Recent changes:

 - K-9 4.007 includes a fix for a permissions issue on K-9's data files discovered (and fixed) by Ashley Willis.

 - K-9 4.008 fixes a regression on Android 2.1 or earlier introduced in 4.007

 - K-9 4.009 fixes a catastrophic error that could cause mail stored on SD cards to vanish. We're really, really sorry we didn't catch this before 4.008 shipped.

 Latest version: 4.301 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

Download Instructions:


BetterBatteryStats v1.10.0.0b1 Apk App

Requirements: 2.1

Overview: A high battery drain is often a limiting factor for a great user experience.

 With BetterBatteryStats you can analyse the behavior of your phone, find applications causing the phone to drain battery while it is supposed to be asleep and measure the effect of corrective actions:

 - Spot drainers based on detailed information about the root cause

 - Use the online Knowledge-Base to find how to reduce or remove the wakelocks

 - measure the effect of actions to reduce drain

 - detect changes in the awake/sleep profile and quickly find the causes (rogue apps)

 In other words BetterBatteryStats helps you to get the best out of your Android smartphone.


 Please don't use the market's feedback system for support. In case of issues or for any question or suggestion please contact me by e-mail or use the contact information from the about box.

 Keywords: wakelock, kernel wakelock, partial wakelock, reduce battery drain, optimize battery life, save battery, battery drain, saving battery, network stats, alarms, CPU states


 - android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is used only for writing dumps to the SD. In case you don't need that feature please fell free to remoke that permission. It won't have any side effect besides disabling that feature

 - android.permission.BATTERY_STATS is obviously the permission to access the internal statistics and can not be revokes without making the app unusable

 - android.permission.INTERNET is required to access the online Knowledge-Base and Google Analytics. If you want to revoke this permission please make sure that the KB and GA are disabled in the preferences

 - android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is required for Google Analytics. You can opt-out from GA from the "Advanced Preferences" and revoke this permission

 - android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED is required for cleaning references. Revoking this permission may affect the results of kernel wakelocks and custom reference until new references were saved

 - android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE is required to detect when the phone was turned on/off in order to store references for advanced diagnosis

 - android.permission.DEVICE_POWER is required to detect when the phone is disconnected from the charger and store the corresponding kernel wakelock reference. Revoking this permission will lead to losing "since unplugged" in kernel wakelocks

 - android.permission.BLUETOOTH is required to fix a bug where the communication to the batteryinfo service stops working



 #209: added since boot ref

 #227: fallback to since boot if default stat type is not available

 #228: pref to control log level

 #230: two step save of references to avoid empty references if su request times out

 #231, #232: reorganized preferences

 #233: reorganized menu

 #238: process Siyah "deleted: " kernel wakelocks properly

 #239: network stats / alarms are disabled by default, can be turned on in advanced prefs

Download Instructions:


Camera ZOOM FX v3.5.5 Apk App

Requirements: Android OS 1.6+

Overview: The most advanced camera for Android!

 >> "The Best Camera App for Android" - lifehacker

 >> "The 15 Best Mobile Apps of 2011" - Mashable

 BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP! (Normal price $4.99)


 Over half a million sold!!!


 "grab this to show off to your Apple-loving buddies" - SlashGear

 "fun filters, zooming, timer and even image stabilisation" - Gizmodo

 "Few apps offer as many options for shooting as this one" - WIRED


 The award-winning camera app for Android devices!

 Camera ZOOM FX is now Editor's Choice on Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Mashable and SlashGear. Over 400,000 users around the world are now using Camera ZOOM FX daily.

 Blazingly fast performance: over 90 effects render instantly on your device!


 ● Optical / digital zoom (up to 6x)

 ● Flash (if avail)

 ● Front facing camera (if avail)

 ● Customization of ALL hardware buttons

 - e.g. volume buttons to control zoom, trackball to snap shot...

 ● Live previews of some effects, e.g. frames, buddies

 ● Silent camera (if device supports)

 ● Tweak hardware options: autofocus, whitebalance, nightshot...

 ● Send, share your shots

 ● 1-click upload photo to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. - ALL AT ONCE!

 ● Customizable grid overlays

 ● NEW!! Live Wallpaper - now "Photo FX Live Wallpaper" app


 ● Stable Shot: on-screen meter to show current level of movement

 ● Timer

 ● Voice Activated: take a picture by clapping, shouting...

 ● Burst Mode

 ● Collage

 ● Time Lapse


 ● You can import existing photos from your phone's gallery by clicking Menu->Import.


 ● Combine effects using non-destructive editing

 ● Process at full camera resolution (up to 8mp if avail)

 ● 10 ready made presets: Diana, Retro, Holga 35mm, Toy Camera...

 ● 20 Color FX: vintage, lomo, cinematic, funky, pencil...

 ● 13 Frames: thin, rounded, lens, polaroid, filmreel...

 ● 6 Vignette Surrounds: heavy, invert, spotlight...

 ● 12 Distort FX: fisheye (like fxcamera), mosaic, twirl...

 ● 9 Mirror FX

 ● 3 Tilt-shift FX

 ● Crop to any size of your choice: 3x8, square, instant, 6x4...

 ● Digi composites (photoshop style overlays)

 ● Props and famous 'buddies' in your pictures (move and resize!)

 ● Create stunning collages: e.g. 2x2 passport style combination shots

 ● Random effects


 ● Fullscreen shutter: click anywhere on screen to shoot!

 ● Animated shutter effect

 ● Support geotag / exif tags

 ● Select sdcard folder to save photos (incl external sd)

 ● Auto save shots

 ● Win $100 in Instagram style photo contest

 ● Pro scene modes, e.g. nightshot, beach (Droid only)

 ● View last shot in picture gallery

 ● Use as default camera

 ● Rotate / crop photos

 ● Widescreen lens / capture (if device supports)

 ● Support from Android 1.5 through to Android 4.0 (incl tablets)

 What's in this version:


 - disabled shutter sound if required on more devices + JB

Download Instructions: