Saturday, August 4, 2012

BIG! caller ID full v2.1.5 Apk Android

+ customize caller ID screen content,

+ switch between caller screen Themes, choose click or slider,

+ choose full screen caller ID for all or only a few contacts,

+ full screen caller for incoming calls,

+ full screen caller for outgoing calls.

------------------- THEMES EDITOR:

1) go to Themes,

2) select and edit,

3) move buttons by holding and dragging,

4) switch to slider with a single click on a button

(FIRST you need to drag a button to the edge of the screen)

5) change default contact photo from the MENU button,

6) switch to other states of a call by swiping left or right,

7) reset to default from the MENU button

- In the full version you can create your own theme by mixing buttons of installed themes.

Enter any number to unlock

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