Sunday, August 19, 2012

GameBoid 2.4.7 GBA Emulator Apk Android

Gameboid 2.4.7 is a gameboy advance emulator optimized for Android phones.

- BEST compatibility compared to any other GBA emulators running on mobile devices. And even more games are being supported with each update.

- Run usually at full speed with sound, on most models of Android devices available on the market.

- Customizable on-screen translucent keypad

- Save/load game states at ANY point!

- In-game battery save

- Cheats

- Fast-forward (turbo)

- Switching between multiple key profiles

Recent changes:

Old changes:

* Fixed some crashes on certain SamSung devices (Galaxy-S, Fascinate, etc)

* Fixed crash in a lot of games

* Fixed crash on Nexus S


1.) Install Apk file on your phone

2.) Create a folder on your sdcard for ex. /sdcard/Gameboid

3.) Place the gba_bios file in the folder you created

4.) Place your GBA games also on the same folder just to be more organized

5.) Start GameBoid and go to settings

6) Click GBABIOS FILE and go to the folder where you placed the Gba_bios.bin file and select it

7.) Go back to the main screen of Gameboid and select your ROM/games location

8.) Once done , it should show the list of your ROMS and just click it and Enjoy Gaming!

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