Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to stop Feed poster accessing your website’s RSS feed in wordpress

Rss feed
Most of the WordPress users are worried about their less secure Rss feed because one can easily steal it and can publish it as its own content. This problem is really annoying many users and they always kept searching for an alternative because no one want to give his content away to some content scrappers that runs automated websites by using some bot plugins.

In order to stop some content scrappers accessing your site’s feed, you can either disable it or make private, so that no one will be able to use your Rss feed illegally.
Below here I am going to tell you some WordPress plugin that will help you blocking all content scrappers that steals your Rss feed!

1) Feed Key Generator : This WP plugin automatically disables your RSS feed and can limit it to be accessible from some selected users. This plugin is helpful if you are running a private blog.

2) Private Feed Keys  : This Plugin provides more flexibility in terms of private keys and authentication. Here the keys are supposed to be made for per site and per user and a user can easily revoke their own keys on a per-blog basis!!

The above two plugins authenticates your sites feed and make it more secure and safe. Use this highly rated plugins that are quite secure to use and there are no loose ends in this plugins. So, don’t you ever worry about these plugins from getting hacked!