Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NCP VPN Client v2.0 (Premium Unlocked) Apk App

Requirements: Android 4.0+

Overview: Universal IPsec VPN client for high secure remote access to corporate resources.


 NCP Secure VPN Client Premium for Android is a universal IPsec VPN client which is compatible to all major IPsec VPN gateways (e.g. NCP, CISCO, Juniper/NetScreen ScreenOS, Micros0ft Server 2008 R2, Check Point, SonicWall, LANCOM Systems, Teldat, Astaro, Adtran).

 It provides reliable and encrypted network VPN connectivity from Android based devices, and ensures continuous corporate VPN access for users on the go, without the need to root the device. Whether providing VPN access to a virtual desktop session, business email, or most other Android applications, NCP Secure VPN Client enables business-critical application connectivity.

 Please uninstall NCP’s Secure Client Preview (if available) prior to installing the new version. Before you uninstall the client preview, export your existing configuration and import it into the new client.


 - IKEv1 (Main Mode, Aggressive Mode), IKEv2 support

 - IP address assignment via local IP address/manually or IKE config. mode

 - XAUTH on/off

 - Split/full tunneling network access

 - Pre-shared key

 - PKCS#12 certificate support

 - One-time-password support (OTP support)

 - Auto reconnect mode: After starting the VPN connection the client will always try to reconnect after interruption of a WiFi or cellular connection, until the connection is manually disconnected by the user

 - Profile import of .pcf, .wgx, .ini or .spd files

 - NCP VPN Path Finder Technology (prerequisite: NCP VPN gateway, starting with v 8.0, at the corporate headquarters)

 Furthermore, it is not recommended to have both client versions, NCP Secure VPN Client Premium for Android and NCP Secure VPN Client for Android (or the trial versions), installed in parallel.

 Preshared keys and profile names do not yet support umlaut characters. NCP will shortly provide update versions.


 For Frequently Asked Questions please visit our Developer Webpage Link.


 This release supports Android 4.0 (and later) devices. It is NOT necessary to root the Android device.


 NCP Engineering GmbH is a manufacturer of software solutions for high-security company communication over public networks and the Internet. NCP’s core competencies lie in the areas of remote access, IP routing, VPN and firewall technologies, identity and access management (IAM), network access control (NAC) as well as strong authentication and integration of PKI infrastructures.

 Simple operation, central management, compatibility and efficiency are essential qualities of the NCP solution. Integration into existing IT infrastructures that use a variety of client platforms can be undertaken without problems. Globally operational organizations rely extensively on NCP products, using them to interconnect all their information exchanges via the Internet.

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