Monday, September 3, 2012

Software Releases • Aviasoft Paragliding Alti-Vario v1.7.1

Aviasoft Paragliding Alti-Vario v1.7.1
Requirements: Android 1.6 and above, and Android device with GPS
Overview: This is an Android software simulation of the Alti-vario, and it is intended for use by paraglider, paramotor and hang-glider pilots.

It has the standard two altimeters, one of which can be set to zero at take off. It uses the GPS for vario operation. This means the vario has 1 to 2 seconds of delay compared to a real Alti-vario device which gives up/down info in real time. In practice this slight delay isn't a problem and the software works remarkably well in normal lift. In very slight 'scratching' lift and small thermals it isn't so accurate but still works ok. The software uses internal magnetic sensor to give real-time, accurate magnetic compass HEADINGS. GPS Track and GPS Groundspeed is also shown. A MayDay option is also part of the program - you can quickly dial your emergency phone number and view your location after an accident. Location coordinates can be in Lat/Long or in UK Ordnance Survey Grid reference (which is used by the British emergency services).

* 2 Altimeters (ASL/QNH and ATO/QFE)
* Magnetic Heading from compass
* GPS Track information
* GPS Groundspeed information (can be set to MPH or KPH)
* Audiable Variometer which tone-beeps
* Audio Up/Down can be turned on or off (down-tone can be turned off)
* Quick emergency phone dial with your location coords
* Screen quick dim for battery saving in flight
* Android-GPS Altitude correction with auto-GEOID setting.
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