Sunday, September 9, 2012

Software Releases • Call Meter 3G v3.6.2

Call Meter 3G v3.6.2
Requirements: Android 1.6 or later
Overview: Watch your call, message and data plans! Call Meter lets you keep an eye on your mobile plans.

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It shows statistics of your calls/sms/txt/data traffic and lets you set limits for each of these plans.
Call Meter supports a huge amount of billing modes to let you adapt it's behaviour to your operators billing.
This app is open source software build in spare time. Adding bad comments in market won't help much to make it better.
Please add your issues with this app on the app's website.
This is a complete rebuild of Call Meter NG. It has a huge amount of new features like widgets and alerts.
It's new architecure allows more complex plans.

What's new in Call Meter 3G 3.6.2:
· fix FC when exporting rules
· fix some more settings (issue #735)

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