Sunday, October 7, 2012

Software Releases • Freapp - Free App of the Day v1.3.0

Freapp - Free App of the Day v1.3.0
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview: Freapp is one of the most popular and downloaded App for the discovery of new App for free, all over the world. Freapp suggest the Best just published Free App to you and warns you when you can download them.

You do not have to waste time searching through the thousands of applications available in the Android store, Freapp will do it for you!
Once a day Freapp tells you and suggest the best free app giving you an incredible advantage over all other users.

Why choose Freapp?

What makes Freapp so special? What sets it apart from all the other pricewatch Apps out there?

1. Our team check the prices of the best Apps daily. We won’t waste your time on useless ones.

2. With PUSH notifications, you will discreetly receive freapp’s best deal of the day, every day.

3. You can be sure of receiving notifications about new free Apps.

4. You can preview the main features of the free Apps that we recommend at no charge. It is up to you whether you install via the Google Play.

5. In addition to the daily free App, you can also see the Top Free Apps that only freapp suggests.

This app contains ads

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