Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bass Fishing 3D on the Boat v1.0.1

It is real lure action!

You will play in breathless excitement.

A fully 3-D [COLOR=#009900 !important]bass fishing game has finally arrived.


You can steer your bass boat [COLOR=#009900 !important]freely[/COLOR].

Find your own casting point by using dynamic driving bass boat.

Even [COLOR=#009900 !important]beginners[/COLOR] can feel reassured with the hint system!

Using the sonar, detect [COLOR=#009900 !important]the shadow[/COLOR] of a fish and find your point more quickly.

[COLOR=#009900 !important]7 different[/COLOR] kinds of fish you can catch!!

There are ten varieties of lures (top, shallow, deep, bottom) to choose from.

Seek out the right climate and time frame, then catch the big bass.

the camera is changed to an [COLOR=#009900 !important]underwater camera[/COLOR]when you are retriving .

You can see real lure's action and tactics of the bass.

Because of the fully 3-D, it makes you feel a real performance.

We are sure you play with breathless excitement.

During the fight, you are also given advice on how to handle [COLOR=#009900 !important]the rod[/COLOR].

Let's have fun sport fishing!!

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