Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cat Playground v2.1

Cat Playground is a game for cats, not humans. Let your furry friend chase a mouse, fish, or alaser pointer, and earn points for everytime he catches it. Be warned tough, it may cause cat addiction.

This cat toy will work on pretty much any Android phone with a touchscreen, tough it will work best with tablets and phones with a large display since it will make it easier for your cat.


Q - What the hell is a game for cats, this is a joke app right ?

A - Absolutely not! Cats are natural hunters, and they will chase pretty much anything that moves. Just wave a string in front of them and they will chase it. The "problem" with normal toys is that it requires human intervention or the cat will soon be bored of something that doesn't move. With Cat Playground you can keep your [COLOR=#009900 !important]feline[/COLOR] friend entertained for much longer, even when you don't have time to play with him. Human supervision is still advised during play.

Q - My cat doesn't seem interested or just plainly ignores the app.

A - Just like people every cat has it's own personality. Some like to play more than others, or maybe your cat is simply not in the mood [COLOR=#009900 !important]right now[/COLOR]. Try showing them the app later, preferably when they are in a playful mood.

Q - Can my cat claws scratch my phone/tablet ?

A - In theory yes, tough it's extremely unlikely. Phone [COLOR=#009900 !important]screens[/COLOR] are made to endure harsh punishment, and most of the screens found [COLOR=#009900 !important]on phones[/COLOR] are made from glass wich is several times harder than a cat's claws. We've had a kitten playing on a Samsung Galaxy [COLOR=#009900 !important]Mini[/COLOR] phone wich has a screen made from plastic, and the screen doesn't have a single scratch on it.

Q - Is there anything i should keep in mind while my cat is using the app ?

A - Yes, human supervision is highly advised. Some cats can get pretty [COLOR=#009900 !important]excited[/COLOR] while playing Cat Playground and may try to bite or flip the phone. It's preferable to put the phone on the ground instead of a couch or table to prevent fall damage.

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